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In the beginning...



Okay, for starters, I've never done the whole blogging thing before, so right off the bat I'd like to apologize for any potential blogging faux pas I may commit. I just thought it would be helpful to keep a written record of my progress (yes, progress is definitely what I'm going for here) on the Regimen and to keep me motivated. I can be a bit ADD at times and so sticking with anything for any extended period of time can be quite taxing for me unless I'm really, really into it. So, I'm hoping that blogging my way though this might not be such a bad idea. And maybe I'll even be able to share some helpful hints of my own along the way. So let's begin, shall we?

Alright, so my acne history. As is usually the case, I started my battle with acne at about 12 (so about ten years ago) just as the whole puberty thing was kicking into high gear. Thankfully, I never struggled with severe acne, but I definitely had enough to cause scarring and to make me feel completely embarrassed and insecure when out in public. I discovered makeup not too far after the first zits began to appear and since then have tried to battle my bad-behaved face with medication and beauty products. I've tried many different things, mostly drug store brands, Clearsil, Clean and Clear, Biore, etc. and even gave ProActiv a shot (with disastrous results!). My lastest acquistion was a Zeno (a complete waste of money!) about a year ago and since then I've been using Neutrogena which has been just okay. Like I said before, I don't have severe acne and now that I'm a bit older my breakouts have become less frequent. But it is soo frustrating when I do breakout! I guess now that I'm in my twenties I feel like I've done my time and should be done with acne forever. (don't we all?)

Anywho, my current regimen (prior to The Regimen) consisted of washing my face with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (the foam cleanser), toning with Clean & Clear's Deep-Cleaning Astringent, and spot treating with Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel (what a mouthful!). I use Booth's Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask twice a week and once a week use St. Ive's Apricot Scrub. That's about it. Oh, and I use Biore's Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips on my nose once a week. (Let me just interject quickly that Biore's pore strips are fantastic!! They really yank all the gunk out of your pores and the proof is right there on the strip. Wonderful! And they've even helped shrink my pores. Definitely a good purchase if you struggle with large pores and blackheads)Okay, so that's basically what I've been doing to my face for the past year or so. As I look at myself in the mirror right now, I have one "live" pimple and three that are healing and a generous sprinkling of red post-acne spots...so not incredibly terrible.

Now, I'm a drug store girl like I said and have spent the past couple of years just rotating between different brands when I feel like they're no longer working for me. When I came across the Regimen I was pleasantly surprised that I could have clear skin AND still use drug store products! So of course I ran to my local Wal-Mart yesterday and grabbed a tube of Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment. I have decided to pretty much keep my regimen the same and simply stop using my astringent and use the On the Spot instead of my Rapid Clear gel. I think by changing those two steps I will be successfully switching from my regimen to the Regimen (unless I misunderstood somewhere) and today is my first full day on it. I technically started last night because that's when I applied the BP but, regardless, I, MixieMac, have officially begun my Regimen journey!

So, how's my skin right now after a night and day of the Regimen? Well, it's not any drier than it usually is during the winter. While my skin does get really tight after applying the BP, once I've moisturized it's perfectly normal. (However, I have used 10% BP before so I don't think it'll take my skin a long time to adjust to using it again. We'll know for sure in a few days.) After leaving it on overnight, I definitely noticed that my "live" pimples were smaller and hurt less when touched. The ones that were healing were about the same, maybe a touch smaller? I did pop the one on the side of my nose this evening (apologies to my sensitive readers) and I'm thinking by Monday it'll be gone. Here's hoping!

So there you have it. After the end of day one, I am down one pimple, working on another, and my skin is, as of right now, not red, itchy, dry, or flaky. Let's hope it stays that way...


P.S. (can you P.S. on a blog? oh well, I will anyway) I've been looking forever for products that help with fading post-acne marks (and actually work!). If anyone has any suggestions for good, tried and true products (or home remedies), please let me know. I'd really appreciate it! In the meantime, I'll go check out the message boards...


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