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Day 130: ALMOST CLEAR!!!!




Yes ALMOST *touch wood*

My left cheek is smooth but I can feel 1 or 2 little rogues under the skin (very very tiny and only hurt if I accidentally scratch myself in that area). Otherwise, when I wash my face my left cheek is completely smooth.

My right cheek has decided it's a rebel because I have 4 or 5 medium rogues under the skin that have been there for week and refuses to go away!

My forehead was clear for about 4 weeks but in the recent week, 2 little cystic acne came back to pay me a visit. Very unpleasant indeed.

My skin is just very red at this stage, which is to be expected. And obviously I have my scars from the 2 years I had been suffering from the little shits.

I have a Derm's appointment on the 10th of Feb and I'm really excited. Actually, I'm not really looking forward to it because my Derm is an idiot - he doesn't notice anything with my face, actually, I don't even think he looks at my skin when I visit him. The last appointment I had with him took less than 2 minutes.

Anyways - looking forward to the redness going away. I don't really mind the redness, as long as the bumps aren't there I'll be happy.