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Week Two: Day Eleven



Okay, so after waking up with my face feeling INCREDIBLY tight and dry, I used a bit less BP and more moisturizer. I waited longer after the BP dried to apply the moisturizer and it didn't really sting which makes me happy. Also I recently learned that two of the other three people I sit with at my english table are taking accutane! Its sooo much more common then I thought it was. They said the worst thing was the dry lips. My friend said he couldn't really play trumpet for a week or so because his lips kept splitting. He also mentioned real bad knee pain for the first couple days but it went away after a while. They said I should take it and its real good and stuff. I don't want to yet though. I kind of like actually washing my face and taking vitamins and stuff. More effort then dealing with misery and two pills a day but,...you know I don't really care. Its nice having a hygiene routine, makes me feel like I'm actually doing something to HELP my skin rather than damage it.

Also I ran through stuff for the emerson scholarship and my friend taped me on his camera. I forgot part of my music AND the keys back at home so it was a bit of a fiasco, but it worked out eventually. Needless to say the first thing I played was practically flawless (I practiced it CONSTANTLY) but the second part ssuuuckked (I didn't practice that part very often AND I blew out my lips on scales and the first part of the audition) But you know, whatever. It'll work out. On another note I really should email my grandma,..but I really don't feel like it,..oh well. If I'll take the time to write a daily blog I might as well email my family. K bye!


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