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Cheesy Music Day.

c'est la vigne


Day 599:

I am breaking out like crazy, and I feel so shitty because of it.

The spot next to my nose finally died down, but I still have the faintest pink mark there. But, of course, I ended up getting a spot in pretty much the same spot on the other side of my nose.

And I have three or four pink marks on my forehead that were just *possibly* clogged pores that I picked at compulsively and made much worse than they were. Ugh.

And, because that's not annoying enough, I got the mother of all zits on my right cheek. It was actually a zit that I had, like, a few months ago that had cleared up, but the pink mark kept bothering me, so--again--I picked at it and irritated it and now it's all huge and inflamed all over again.

And when I say 'huge', I mean 'huge'. Every time I rolled onto my right side last night, the pain from my cheek pressing into the pillow would wake me up. So I decided to take Wynne's advice. I've iced it twice today, and now I have some Neosporin and a Snoopy band-aid on it. I'm going to see if I can get my boyfriend to pick me up some sort of anti-inflammatory.

(Sigh.) I am so not happy right now...