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Well, it has been a few days since I have written. My mom got really ill (bacterial infection in her blood) and I flew to Pittsburgh and back in 5 days.

As per the accutane experience, I'm feeling a little tired but perhaps that could be the stress of my mom being so sick... But my face, OH MY WORD!!! It is awful! I get new cysts everyday. Mostly around my mouth and chin. Many look like they are several that have joined together. I canNOT even pretend to try to cover them with make-up. My chin is a bumpy mess. I'll be honest, I am discouraged. My face wasn't nearly this bad 15 days ago. Is this normal, I wonder, to break out this badly?? The cysts last at least 5-7 days and are very painful.

My oldest son turned 13 last Sunday. I cannot believe I am the mother of a teenager! He does not have acne. Hopefully, I am on a journey to get rid of mine before his begins.