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Am I doing the right thing??



I don't know, I on't know, I don't know. I have only had a problem for a few months and the doctor wants to put me on accutane? At firstI though, sure, get rid of this forever and hope that the side effects aren't the bad, but after reading all night............are these sites for real?

Depression, nose bleeds, eczma, more depression. It's on the list of drug to avoid in Canada? Acne seems to come back all the time???

I am not sure I am willing to deal with that? I mean have hormonal acne, and going back on the pill just so that I can put chemicals in my body????

I think I might wait another month, I need to think. I feel like the stress of taking this is making me sick.

Nope, think i'll wait. Too much for me at the moment.

Currently four active pimples on face. Otherwise a sleuth of red marks from the one off xmas break out which won't get better. This is the worst it's been. Hmmmmm does that warrant accutane????????+

I don't know.

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hello..i know ur scared but let me tell you.."knock on wood" im pretty pretty clear of cystic pimples right now. i can say that i am happy..but not that much since im getting eczema at the back of my ear! weird place!!! but i can handle it. i just put moisturizer on it and not scratch it. its really up to you. it is your body. i pray that u will make the right decision. i can handle the side effects. as long as i dont get those horrific pimples again. =)

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