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Week Two: Day Nine



Well I just started experience flaking. Its so weird,..like I have egg gunk on my face except its dry and I can't wipe it all off. I did add more benzoyl peroxide so this is to be expected. I also forgot to use moisturizer last night, I know its optional but something tells me my skin would really benefit from having it morning AND night.

Also I'll be exercising more often. I went for a two mile run with the pre-season track people (most cross country runners) Needless to say I was pretty far behind after the first mile, then we all stopped to stretch, then we ran another half mile and I turned back and ran the whole way back to the school, only stopping at stoplights. I felt accomplished and sick at the same time! I'll run tomorrow too, and then maybe on the weekend or at least I'll do core work or something to help advance my progress.

I think I'll do better tomorrow now that I know what to expect and stuff. I'll be sure to drink hecka more water. Even though I'm starting off not so good I know I'll advance if I stick with it.

Cool part is running like that burns 200 calories for me or more with just two miles. Maybe I'll be able to lose weight AND acne. That'd be awesome. My self esteem would just like,..{BOOM}

And I'm recording for the Emerson Scholarship to Interlochen this Saturday. I'm nervous yet strangely excited. I have to play two movements from two difficult concertos, two scales (one major and one minor} all on DVD straight through. I know I can own those movements but,..I'm afraid I'll be uptight and screw up or come in early like I did in practice. Hopefully not.

My composition/trumpet/guide-to-musical-stuff teacher says I have a good chance of being accepted to interlochen. !!!! I hope I can go. Its a six week camp! I'll be sure to bring the regimen :(


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