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Urine therapy .

Claire Fincham


I was hearing alot about urine therapy and i laughed , I kept on procrastinating to try it out, but i was always to busy . I just recently had my best friend move in with me and we both have been experincing acne problems so we decided to try it for fun , We both have quite a bit of guts , i know it sounds disgusting ,but I put it on and it tingled a bit but it streches out your face and after 10 mins my face smelt like popcorn , so did my friends , its kinda just like using a normal acne product , We washed it off and my face started to inprove and all the redness was gone and by the next day some of my acne just crumpled right off of my face , and all my friends started to notice but i would refuse to tell them what i did . Some people told me its all the bad stuff that comes out in your urine , it may be but it seems to help cure acne .

- Claire