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Tips for people on Accutane



While on Accutane, I had a normal routine.

In the morning I would wash my face with Cetaphil and use a light moisturizer called Dormer. Which has sun screen in it too. Its basically 2 in 1. Which I totally loved. ;)

For girls/men that love makeup: Use a light foundation/cover stick that is organic. You dont want any chemicals or products that will irritate the face.

Drink up to 8 cups of water a day. Walk around with a water bottle and put more in when you finish.

I took iron pills, Vitamin C for my health.

For my lips I would use Carmex cherry flavored :( yes Katy perry loved it haha

And Aquaphor for my nose which would be dry and bleed every once and awhile. Which is very embarrasing out in public. :(

For my eyes id use eye drops made by Visine Moisturizing drops.

Before bed to get off my makeup I would use Cetaphil again but in a soap bar form.

For a shampoo I used multiple products, including Dove and others I wont name because for other people im sure they wouldnt work. Most people use Head and shoulders.