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Day 13 and 14



Day 13 and 14

Man o Man,

2 weeks down, many more to go. My face right now is now worse than when I started, but really not terrible. I have developed no cysts in the past two weeks, and I usually would get at least one each week. The skin under my nostrils and at my nasolabial (between your nose and cheeks) folds is getting very dry. It would appear the drying effect is starting kick in. I think I have definitely been having an IB, because my weekly breakout in the past would start on Monday with 3-4 little bastards and 1 big bastard. Now, I have broken out each day in new places with very multiple small, superficial whiteheads in weird places. They pop very easily (if i shave or apply slight pressure). I know we are not supposed to pop our pimples, but let's get real, that's f*cking impossible. I don't know if they monitor language on this site (anyone?). They shouldn't, it's the 21st century, we all have terrible mouths. Our parents' generation started it, our grandparents are too old to realize it, and our kids will be dropping F-bombs before they can say their ABCs. I digress.

On the plus side, today was the first day I looked in the mirror at 3 pm and didn't have to blotch off the 'ol cheek grease. I hope this continues, but I am ready for anything.

The dermatitis/eczema on my wrists is all but gone, even after a sweaty workout today. Last night was my first restful sleep in three nights. I think the 4:30 wake ups finally caught up with me. Soreness, however, is my newest complaint. I lifted weights on Sunday and Tuesday and today. My sternum (breastbone) feels like I have been punched in the chest after doing some weighted sets of Dips on Tuesday. I have never felt this kind of soreness after working out. I am definitely going to have to cut back some, because it hurts when I take a deep breath, which really sucked when I went running last night. My symptoms are most similar to something called costochondritis. Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the sternum. Typically responds to NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatories, such as advil/ibuprofen, aleve/naproxen). Thus, I will take 400 mg tonight and hopefully feel better.

"Comparisons are Odious"

Famous quote, google it.



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