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Day 6



Things are going pretty well. I switched to taking the 40 mgs in the morning to taking it before bed. I thought it could reduce the daytime headaches. It did! My face is actually at a perfect point. It is less oily, but not so dry that I need to moisturize hourly. My body is dry, but it usually is, so I am just lotioning up in the morning and night. My contacts seem slightly dry, but that could be from the heat blowing in the car or a number of other things.

My chin seems to be clearing up. Maybe I will get a pass on the initial breakout everyone talks about. I would consider myself very lucky if that happened.

I do really need to remember to drink more water. I usually only drink when I am thirsty. That is not good on Accutane or off. When I start to feel yucky, I chug some water and feel better in 30 minutes. I will work on that.

I have been having some minor back and joint pain, but nothing that a little Tylenol didn't fix. It could also be from all the lotions and potions I am toting around in my bag. I am prepared for anything!