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My acne story



Skin..Why does it have to be this way? why me, out of all my friends? why do i have to be the ugly one who has to wear makeup to cover everything up..

i feel so ugly. im not beautiful or pretty. and its all cause of my acne. ive got bad acne. worse thenn most people. it makes me so insecure at times. i hide my face from the guy i like. i load it up with makeup but that doesnt make it any better. sometimes i feel like theres no hope cause i will always be ugly. i dont even know why guys talk to me. why would you want to? all my friends are gorgeous. perfect clear beautiful skin... then theres me. the girl that wont be seen without makeup. the girl who doesnt take risks and chances cause of her SKIN. IM 15! and i already feel like my life is over. when i look at myself in the mirror. i cant stand the person staring back, shes hard to look at. i lost the love of my life, cause i felt so insecure about my skin and how it looked, that i avoided him just so he couldnt see this ugly girl he has been talking to... what kinda guy would be proud to have a acne covered girl like me? Its like my biggest enemy is my skin. Help. and please leave out all the " use this product" and " see a doctor" cause trust me,, ive done it all. :(


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hey i know what thats like:(im 14 turning 15 in a week soo im in that same boati wear makeup to block everything out then i get home take it off and i dont even want my family too see me like that.i dont talk to the only guy who makes my heart beat faster cause my skins horrible not to metion the sun is my enimy cause naural light dosent help makeup look better. I look at all the perfect girls with thier boy toys and i just want to die.so trust me i understand. i know you dont want the "use this product shit" but i was wondering if you try the regime thing i havent yet i need to though cause i hear its good and you can like purchase the items on it site. I know it sucks but just keep cleaning your skin and follow the checklist and maybe it will helpmy skins my enemy too and i know what it feels like not to look beautiful :-

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As harsh as it may sound, don't let your skin dictate your life. You're fifteen and your life is FAR from over. You aren't even old enough to drive, are you? Just take a step back, breathe, and think a little bit more rationally. Wigging out won't help you. It'll just stress you out even more. And, as we all know, stress could very easily be a trigger to acne. ;)So, with that said, relax. You aren't alone and we all know how that feels. :- Keep in mind that the make-up you're using could easily make your skin worse. It took me forever to realize that the Maybelline foundation I was using was actually worsening my acne.When it comes to guys, who cares? If they can't like you at, what you feel is, your worst; then they don't deserve you at your best. Imagine having a guy that likes and respects you with the acne? They'll love you just as much without it. And again, don't let your skin force you to live a certain way. You'll miss out on too much.Best of luck trying to get everything cleared up!

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Wow, that sounds like a description of me. But I assure you are not ugly at all, having bad skin doesnt make you ugly! Being a horrible, nasty person does and I'm sure you are not like that. So try not to let it get you down too much, I know thats easier said than done trust me, Ive suffered with acne for 9 years now. But it will improve. And if a guy is put off by bad skin then he isnt worth having is he!! :-

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Yeah i also know exactly how you feel. I have suffered from acne for 10 years, i'm 18 now and i still feel the way you do. It's especially hard seeing these people with the perfect glowing skin and wondering why me!?! especially with the media and the way they idolize people who have perfect skin to be more than they are, and guys who are shallow jerks. I still have to push myself out of bed everyday and hope and wish that i could clear this acne filled thing people call a face. Atleast you've found a makeup, i can't even wear makeup because when i do it looks over caked on and when i take it off my skin looks 50 times worse. I have a boyfriend that loves me no matter how hideous my skin is but sometimes i push him away as well and want to be by my ugly self. I know that i am a gorgeous girl behind my acne that's why i ask God why did i get the acne curse when no one around me has freaking acne this really sucks. I hate my boyfriend seeing me without my hair and face cleaned and primped in the morning because i look ugly with not only acne but discoloration on my skin, and pock marks. ha... Bet you can't beat that. I'm sorry you're going through this as well because it is a very painful process. Those with clear skin truly don't appreciate what they have. Especially clear skin people who lie to me and tel me my skin isn't that bad and oh my favorite one is that i'll grow out of it, but my question is when? ...... i hate when i see girls with clear skin in the room even if i know they aren't as good looking because i know they will always automatically look better than me. Trust me i'm not that self centered and shallow but i would atleast like to be the considered pretty before i'm judged on the appearance of my skin.Sometimes i hate going outside and wont leave the house for days or weeks because of fear of negative reactions on my ugly skin. Sometimes i want to just dissapear when i'm in public so no one will notice this hideous face. My friend with ver mild acne just doesn't understand how lucky she is to have her skin, yet she still complains. I hate those people who can use regular bar soap that they wash up with and leave the fucking house. When i have to exfoliate, wash with a special cleanser for acne, moisutrize. Only to have the same mediocre skin and sometimes even worse. sorry for the long rant but these things just really frustrate me at times.

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yeah, i know that it doesnt feel good with all the acne on your face bothering you all day. i understand and i completely know how it feels because i had a lot of acne growing now as well.. im 15 coming 16, my acne start growing at 14 and became worst at 15. its all around my forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks. Believe me, i look horrible. i always thought i was the pretty girl with clear skin at school until the day my acne start growing. When it became worst, i totally feel lifeless, and insecure about how horrible i look. i would think about how others may look at my face and laugh at it. i feel miserable and i end up crying and locking myself inside the bedroom for days after being teased and bullied by those boys who kept making fun of my face, i kept thinking about those girls ( especially my best friends) who have very clear and smooth skin.i feel pain and depressed but there's no one whose there for me that time, not even my family.But after that horrible moment, i told myself i shouldnt give up on my face because i know this will be over someday. i try washing my face for three times a day with face cleanser ( since i have oily skin),and eat healthy . i think if you have really bad acne, you should not use any make up because it will not only clogged your pores but your acne will grow worst. i would rather not cover my acne with make-up instead of having more of it. if your acne wasn't bad then i think should be okay. i still have a lot of acne on my face now which is very frustrating and painful but it is better than last time. Just take care of your face, do not apply make up on your face, wash your face daily, visit a dermatologist, and eat healthy. stay away from oily food, and do not touch your face especially with your hands or fingers. Dont worry, it will take sometime to go away, this is puberty, so you'll have to face it, but it will be over someday :)

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