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Desperately seeking results – Day 12



I am 33-year-old female that has been fighting bouts of acne since I was 18. I have tried many different approaches to keep my acne under control, such as over the counter acne products, prescribed antibiotics/creams/lotions, facials, etc. In my early 20’s my acne was the worst. My entire face was covered in large red cystic acne. At that point, my dermatologist prescribed me Accutane. Because I was so desperate to get rid of my acne I ignored the significant side effect. Nonetheless, four months later my face was clear. Within six months of stopping Accutane my face broke out again. My derm prescribed another dose of Accutane. Over the years my face remained clear -- I did experience occasional break outs, but nothing like I had before.

A year and a half ago I started breaking out pretty consistently with mild acne. Since June my acne has advanced to painful red cystic acne. As a result, I’ve become depressed and insecure about my face – I don’t even like to go to work. Since 1/8 I’ve been taking 50 mg of spironolactone. So far my face continues to flair up, especially now that I am pre-menstruating. I am going to start taking 100 mg tomorrow; hopefully my acne starts to diminish in the next few weeks.