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My Acne Experience



Im Kiki as u might already have guessed. I have suffered acne since I was in grade 5. I still remember how badly it effected my self-esteem. I would cry looking at myself. I couldnt even look in the mirror at one point unless the lights were off. I was so disapointed with myself.

I changed my eating habits which were always amazing. But I needed more vitamin C. I tried absolutly every cream, moistorizer and face wash I could think of. Clean and Clear did not work for me, maybe for other people though. :(

Not only does Acne give low self-esteem but it is a target for bullying and such. I have been called in the past: pizza face, mt. vesuvious, constilation face, ugly... etc. I dont think people honestly know how much damage it causes to people, when they are already suffering a great deal. I was beaten up at school, emotionally hurt, and mentally. My friends stopped hanging out with me. At the age of 13 I didnt want to live anymore.

I have had anxiety all my life. Severe. I am easily anxious. Stress is horrible for acne, because its a strong trigger for mine. It turns out mine was not hormonal, in fact it was actually stress. I found this out after blood tests and multiple doctor visits.

In grade 7 my life became wonderful. Elementary school was where the bullying happened. I ended up meeting wonderful people who saw me for what I was. They all said im model material if I didnt have acne. And I hated it. I didnt like any comments about how I look, even if they were flattering.

Grade 10 was the worst year in school but my acne cleared up better. Due to stress and high levels of anxiety in my life. It definitly contributed to my acne. Then I tried Proactiv. The worst thing ever happened. I am allergic to sulfur. I ended up using the Refining mask. When I woke up my face was covered in what looked like cysts! I had to go to school like that. No makeup works to cover it.

Grade 11, a miracle drug called Accutane changed my life. ;) I finished it after 4 and a half months because my skin was never really bad. It was mostly stress, so once I got stress out of my life I was good. My skin is very beautiful and I can look in the mirror and go, Dammmmn girl you look good. ;) haha.

It definatly gave me the confidence to turn the lights up bright, not hide my face with hair or anything else. If you are thinking about going on Accutane. Its a simple answer. DO IT:) Do not let acne ruin your life anymore. :(



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