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Wednesday; Day Eight. Exfoliate?



Eeeep, my skin feels so sensitiiiiive!

My nose is a little dried out and flakey; which I can only assume is a combination of the Claravis and extreme winds here. My nose and the bit around my eyes feels constricted and irritated. It's a bit pink, too. I'm sure my 'gentle' exfoliation treatment with the washcloth probably didn't help that much, either. :/ Boo for lack of self-control!

Anywho, my lips aren't chapped much at all, still. (I loooove Carmex! <3) No new blemishes to report; only red marks from the old ones from a few days ago. That's about all there is to say~!

My new foamy-face-wash-stuff hasn't shown up yet. It should be here by Friday. Since I get paid on Wednesday, I'll be able to order my make-up so I can stop using that drug-store back-up compact. xD Guh, it's horrible.~

But I have a couple questions for anyone reading this! And I'd love to hear your opinions!

1. When you finish washing your face; do you like it to feel clean and tight (for lack of a better word) or fresh and supple? (I really need to get my mind out of the gutter when I come up with adjectives!)

2. What do you use to exfoliate your skin? Product? Routine? How often?

3. What moisturizer do you use? Why do you like it?

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While on Accutane I'm using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser with Cerve Moisturizing Cream. When I am not on Accutane, I'm going to continue using Cetahpil Gentle Cleanser and that's it. The best advice I ever heard was "less is more." I've always liked the "clean and tight" feeling but I've learned that when it feels that way that it is not good for the skin and can lead to future breakouts.

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