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So i havent beeen on this website for awhile, but not much as changed(when it comes to my acne) . I no longer need to worry about my eczema anymore yaaay :(, went to the doctor before christmas cause it was getting to sore and spreading so they gave me a huge thing of Betaderm Cream, which i put on every night and morning. That happiness soon went, because my acne is getting worse, i just starting using this skin cleanser for sensitive skin called -go 360 clean- L'OREAL, but its not seeemed to help.

As for my bacne, i try and exfoliate to get rid of dead dry skin, but it hasnt really helped deal with my blackheads or pimples. So im kinda getting depressed about it and stressed out which isnt really a good thing to help skin either.... but i just cant help it. I practically live in hooddies or long sleeve shirts because i dont wanna show ANY pimple on my arms or back.

To the point - does anyone know what will help get me clear and happy, something i can buy from a store and not at the doctor... ?

Reply Pleeease :(