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The Comfort of the Unknown



Day 46

No whiteheads! No spots! Nothing! My skin has stopped being itchy too which, if you remember, was usually a sign of future blemishes.

While my skin is remarkably better, I’m still reluctant to look into mirrors. I’m afraid that if I do, the progress I’ve seen over the last two weeks will disappear. I’ve developed a fear of mirrors. If I don’t look into a mirror, than I have the comfort of not knowing what I look like. Without looking at my face, it could be either better or worse. However, upon viewing my face, the unknown is gone and I have to face reality. The unknown is comforting.

In a previous entry, I spoke about a world without mirrors. If we didn’t look into the mirror everyday, our understanding of our physical selves would be at the mercy of other people. We would not know our condition and it would therefore not bother us as much. Again, the unknown is comfortable.

Side effects: Chapped lips