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week 12



Could've been my last week. I got sick and started on antibiotics. Something fine to mix with accutane, but an hour after taking it i got a migraine. Realized while being sick i didn't nuture my 6 redbull-a-day caffiene addiction. Drank a redbull and the migraine left in 15 minutes. Still freaked me out, so i decided to stop taking the accutane till i'm done. Probably unnecessary, but someone just quit at work and i don't have time to be out of it.

Broke out slightly 3 days after i stopped. 1 big pimple and a few medium sized ones....maybe its just the antibiotics working on things differently than the accutane.

Probably go full strength for the 5th month instead of half. I was super oily to begin with, so the extra month might be necessary