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PMS is coming up... could be suffering right now because I'm breaking out!! :(

Then again, I've been taking Vitamin C (500mg) everyday, and stopped the past couple days.

So, today I went back on the Vitamin C!!

I gave up on the turmeric XD And the Calcium XDD

I did buy a new product called.... Olay Purifying Mud Lathering Cleanser. The aveeno stuff was drying out my face. This product doesn't do too bad, it feels like it is cleaning!!

Yeah, my skin has been uber dry, so I ordered some cream for that. However, in the mean time, I've been using my mum's moisturizer, which also could be causing me to break out!! But, it softens my skin :/

I have noticed that when I wake-up, and look at my face, I noticed that I am broken out. With... very little white pimples o.o like, smaller than the head of a pin. I actually pop them with a pin XD I know, I shouldn't, but I cannot help it! I wonder what is the cause of that.... they are not clustered.

So, my skin is still breaking out :/ Maybe I should try a salicylic acid product?? No, I'm not using one, I have uber sensitive skin! I have in the past tried this stuff, or bp stuff, and I broke out more.