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Jan 20, 2010



So I used retin A cream yesterday evening, kept it on for a few hours and washed it off in the night. Then I was used benzamycin in the night. I was afraid my skin would be red and swollen today, but other than a bit of peeling around my nose, and dryness, it was ok. Put on a lot of moisturizer in the morning. Made doc's appointment to renew my erythyromycin tablet prescription, cant believe it is almost a year since I began taking them. But it greatly helped to reduce my oil and acne (touch wood!) I have noticed that now I cant tolerate more than 1 glass of wine at a time or I start getting bad stomach cramps, is it b/c of erythromycin? I have been taking probiotics regularly though. Anyway I would happily forsake alcohol if erythyromycin continues to help my acne.