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Week One: Day Seven



Happy mondayish-tuesday/post martin luther king day! Well I'm definately noticing improvements in my skin. Some of what I thought was scarring has gone away, and my skin is relatively less irritated. Also I've gotten used to the shininess from moisturizer and noticed there is less oil on my face. (I caved and used an oil blotting sheet, there was all this cloudy stuff on it instead of pure oil, so I guess it really was the moisturizer making my face shiny). I'm going to start gradually ramping up the BP dosage until I have 2/3s finger length by the middle of week two. I'm not going to go very fast with it since my skin's reacting pleasently to the amount of BP I'm currently using. I think being less stressed out and overally happier has helped. Weird thing is nothing's changed much,..I've ust learned how to handle drama better. There are still some flaws in my defensive wall but I'm working on it. Also I'm going to start getting in shape for track! I'm so happy. BP doesn't give oint pain like accutane would have! And my results are positive. Guess I made the right decision. Cool part is I was listening to my intuition. My stomach was doing backflips when the dermatologist brought up accutane, but when I saw this stuff and researched it for some reason I really wanted to try it. I didn't think much, I ust did it. And its working. Woohoo! I'll post a pic either late tomorrow or the day after of the progress of the worst side of my face. I have a good feeling about this :(

And I'm officially an allstate trumpet player. My goals for this semester:

-Practice my trumpet everyday productively (actually work on stuff instead of playing it)

-Beat 5k and stick with the event I quit at last year

-Keep up my grades to a 4.0 despite the lack of time

-Clear my skin

So yes. I will shoot to excell in music, school, sports, school, and personal hygiene. Haha.

Wish me luck. XP Hopefully I won't become a big ball of stress like last year >. <


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