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two !



So, there's some background to this.

I'm not a big blogger. I'm one of those who starts one because she likes the excitement that comes with exploring a new territory (both in physical space and the computer world), but often loses momentum after the first couple of posts. However ! Thanks to this lovely Accutane, this blog won't be stopping any time soon.

I could go into boring details (I've had issues with my skin since age X blahblah) but it's not worth it. I recently contracted (and, thank god, got over) that lovely kissing disease known as mononucleosis, and since then my skin has been crazy. I mean, seriously, crazy. Never before had I gotten those awful, skin-bulging mountains known as cystic pimples. And the redness from each pimple lasts months and months after the damn thing is gone. And I could handle some redness -- it wouldn't be so bad -- if I didn't break out on a daily basis.

Finally I told my dermatologist that though I enjoyed her company, I didn't like seeing her as often as I did. And after issues with all this iPLEDGE crap, I've finally got my first month's dosage of 40mg Claravis, so I guess we'll see what happens. Oh, and the worst part ? My skin has been clear for the last three weeks, and today a big cyst decides to stake its territory on my upper lip. ..Ew ?