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Tuesday; Day Seven. Witch Hazel?



The break-out I had last night has cleared up surprisingly quick. At this rate, it'll be completely gone on Thursday, which in itself is exciting. Besides that, things are going pretty chill. It calms my nerves, that's for sure. I was worried that the break-out was just the start of a horrible series of embarrassing blemishes.

After a bit of reading, I found out that the astringent I was using had some bad irritants in it, thanks to It has a lot of useful information on it. The particular one I had just bought a few days ago had some Witch Hazel in it. Plus, the smell made me sick. :(

I also just ordered this face-wash that's been getting a lot of good reviews. It's called the Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam. People say that you don't need much more than about the size of a pea to clean your entire face and neck. As they all say "A little goes a long way". I'm excited to try it out!

Besides the skin-stuff, my classes went well today. They're going to be interesting. :(