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quick update, things didnt go like i thought it would



so on the 16th when i wrote my story, afterwards i thought i would go to my pharmacy and pick up my prescription for my month 3. 40mg..

apparently, my doctor had to do another prior authorization so that my insurance would cover my

accutane, since she did it last time for my 20mg, she had to do it again for my 40mg,

obviously her & I didnt know. so yah. its sucks.

it is tuesday now, I finally got the chance to talk to them today since their office was closed yesterday bcs of MLKJ &my prescription refill expires tomorrow at 11:59 pm.

I got off the phone with them earlier, they said they will send the prior auth. again and then

it depends on when they do the approval and blah blah blah. i just hope hope HOPE its all done by

tommorow. because it would reallly suck if i have to get another prescription and be locked for

19 days? or idk. that whole locking thing confuses me, ugh. wtv.

but ya. i havnt tooken a pill for 3 days now. my skin hasnt got worse or anything. i know the medicine is still in my body. i just pray and hope i get it tomorrow :( =(

the end.

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