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Day 11 and 12



Day 11 and 12

Coming up on 2 weeks, hell yea. Yesterday was an 80mg day and today a 40mg day. My optimism stems from the fact that my face looks perhaps the exact same as when I started, which means that it is not worse. There's a silver lining for you. I went for a 4 mile run yesterday as the sun was setting. Last week when I did that my nose turned bright red the next day, probably secondary to sun exposure. So, yesterday I applied Cetaphil 50 spf (I had a free tube that came with cleanser) and......voila, no drewdolph today. I am hesitant about applying too much of the 50 spf though, because historically sunscreens have trigerred bad breakouts. I have an old tube of Proactiv 15 spf from my proactiv days (still do not miss the smell of that shit). The sunscreen was the one product that didn't suck in the whole batch. Maybe I will give it a try again on the next run tomorrow. Lips aren't chapped at all right now, the nighttime Aquaphor is really doing the trick. My wrists have been dry and VERY itchy, which is multiplied 10 fold when I sweat. I bought some Curel anti itch lotion (they were out of the eucerin I wanted) and applied some last night. It made me itch worse initially, though today my wrists feel pretty normal. One new possible side effect: Trouble sleeping the past two nights--tossing and turning almost all night. Maybe the accutane, maybe stress from the hospital/studying, who knows. I should be pretty exhausted tonight after waking up at 4:30, a full day of work, a workout, and then studying and perhaps a beer or glass of wine. I bought 6 bottles of wine yesterday. Not to get wasted (because I can't), but to start to enjoy drinking small amounts slowly. I also bought some wine books. I need a new hobby to replace my weekend benders. Perhaps this will be the start to a new cultural cultivation. At the hospital right now with an hour off before I have to go to clinic. No surgical masks this week, and only one call Saturday night. As long as my face doesn't freak out (knock on wood), shouldn't be a bad week. Damn, I'm thirsty.



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