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Is it cheating when you don't enjoy it?



The doctor told me to discontinue the topical antibiotic a week ago. She stated that I would get too dry once the Accutane kicks in. Well, I cheated. I used it last night. I really just wanted to dry up one or two newbies. In my defense, it was only day 2. But, I suffered the consequences. BAD drying that is only my fault. Life goes on. *

Day 3. I have been having a dull headache. I can only assume that it is due to the Accutane because I never get headaches. At this point, I am only taking one a day. I am going to start to take it before bed so maybe I can sleep through the headaches. They are tolerable, but thinking that they could last six more month is sort of intolerable. Which makes me think...Why am I doing this? Is all of this worth the side effects? Ask me when I have a minor breakout and I would say no. When it is full blown, gross, unbearable, everyone-is-looking-at-my-chin breakout, it probably is worth it.

*I may "cheat" again tonight. Apparently, I am not good at learning lessons.