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day 8



Well, it's still pretty early, but I think I'm maybe having some side effects. I really don't want to blame everything on taking this drug though, so I'm hesitant to say that these are most definitely due to Claravis, but let's just say I feel a little different lately.

First off, OW! The corners of my mouth hurt so bad! I can barely open my mouth or smile without them hurting, especially the right side. I think I put aquaphor on three times today and even though it helped, it still stings like a biznitch. It really sucks. I hope it heals soon!

And also, I have had maybe 3 headaches in the past few days. Again, I'm not sure if I can attribute this to Claravis, but it's not so fun. They're not AWFUL, but working at a toy store with a headache all day is kind of sucky. Also, I'm really, really thirsty. Last night I had a water bottle on the chair next to my bed that I kept reaching for, until I finally figured hell, why not just sleep with it. I'm thinking that's going to become a regular habit for me. And it has a little squirty top so I can at least get it in my mouth (that's what she said...sorry)

One more thing, I woke up last night in a PANIC!! And I'm pretty sure I was dreaming about my skin, which kinda freaks me out. I basically woke up making frantic sounds and with my heart beating really fast, and it was really unpleasant. I don't remember that ever happening before when I wasn't having some kind of nightmare. Who knows, maybe I was, but I really felt like I was dreaming about my skin and my scars. Ugh. I really hope that doesn't continue. So to sum it up, I'm not feeling too hot today. I'm dry, headachy, tired, and ...dry. But at least I've got 8 days down, so that's something to be happy about I guess.

Ok, so now for a non skin related story. Sorry if this is really boring...it will be, I can tell you right now, I'm adding this after I've written it. You should probably stop reading now.

I had the sort of a shitty night at the bar a couple nights ago. I was only going to have like one drink, because my friend wanted to buy me a belated birthday drink, but then she bought me a shot without telling me. It was nice of her to do that, but I was almost a little annoyed. I've told her that I can't drink that much alcohol right now, and it seems like she forgot or something. I'm almost positive I told her it was because of a medication. I don't know, I guess it's silly for me to be annoyed about that, but I was at the time. Also we were in this bar I hate...Brothers. It's basically full of bros and hos and people trying to grab you. The guys me and my friend were with were acting all jealous and possessive and didn't even want us to talk to anyone else. They're convinced they have to save us from all male attention, because everyone is a creeper. (And actually, we were at Brothers, so I guess everyone WAS a creeper. But still.) I was talking to a guy I've known since 3rd grade, and one of the guys came up and just awkwardly stood there until my friend was just like, ok....I'm gonna go now. And then he wanted me to dance with him. UGH! And it was all hot and crowded and I basically became lodged on the dance floor while looking for my friend. Being semi sober and annoyed in the midst of a drunken orgy is one of my least favorite things. And THEN I was talking to this guy and we were having a pretty normal conversation, and after that he wanted to hang out more but I said I didn't really want to and he started getting all up in my business and telling me I would never take a chance, aren't I adventurous, am I going to live my whole life this way, blah blah blah. I just wanted to smack him. Sorry dude, but maybe I'm not looking for the same things you are right now. And then when I finally just got up to walk away he acted all disapproving. Usually I don't let things like that bother me, but I guess I was already sort of feelin funky (not in a good way).

So yeah. I surprisingly like writing in this thing a lot. It's kind of neat to know that someone out there will know about my sleeping with a water bottle or becoming uncomfortably stuck in a sweaty sexy inferno of dancing. BY THE WAY, usually I love dancing, but not when I'm all pissed off. And I think I've rambled enough for one day.


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