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Day 32/ The Breakout Continues



It's day 32 of my Taz journey and the "Initial Breakout" started on day 23 (I started blogging about the breakout on day 25... if you want to read.)

Yesterday, I had several hard whiteheads and a couple of blackheads. Throughout the day yesterday, I could really tell how fast Taz helps the skin turnover because several blemishes surfaced before I went to bed yesterday... and the blemishes that were SOOOOO obvious yesterday, are hardly noticeable today. I didn't pop or extract any of the blemishes... although one didn't survive the face wash last night.

I have several new blemishes today, in which two of them hurt... not terribly... but they hurt. Again... I'm not picking, poking, or extracting... just waiting.

Until next time...