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Day 30ish



Okay so I got my blood work back and all systems are a go... they even upgraded my meds to 60mg a day so I am really looking to see some serious progress!

I continue to see how the effects of stress can wreak havoc on my skin. I had some er, personal problems at home and then BAM! I woke up with like 5 zits within 24 hours. So now I am exploring way to relieve stress that do not involve hitting the wine bottle (my previous method) such as yoga, bubble baths, or running perhaps? I didn't think I was a high stress person, but my skin seems to think otherwise....

Also I talked to my doctor about the whole birth control thing and how my skin might relapse once I am off of it. She wasn't too helpful and said she had topical things I could use when I am no longer required to be on bc. Seriously? Ummmm... isn't the whole point in this mess to clear up my skin on a more permanent basis? That was what I thought I signed up for after all.

Anybody out there with some wisdom about birth control and what happens when you go off of it? Please send it my way!!!

Zit count: 0 :(