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Day 4



Sooo I'm actually starting to notice changes! And of course by changes I in no way mean acne clearing, but the lips/eyes are definitely starting to dry, and I noticed after I came home last night from seeing a karaoke band play that I had two brand new white head pimples on my face. They literally cropped up in THREE HOURS. But the great thing about that is that I NEVER get whitehead pimples. My case of acute onset adult acne just bypassed blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, etc and went straight to CYSTS. Woke up this morning with three more whiteheadish, small pimples too. Is it weird that this actually makes me excited? I'm just thinking 1.Ok, meds are working 2. Thank GOD they aren't cysts! I'm not afraid of this IB, my skin has looked way worse than this in the past (I currently only have one diminishing cyst, the whitehead pimples, and of course, everyone's fav face full of inflammation) Face is also a little tight after washing, so I may skip clindamycin gel and do it either once a day or every other day depending on how my skin feels.

Tomorrow I start classes for my LAST SEMESTER as an undergrad. Because I changed majors 3 times in my long and illustrious college career, I had to take an extra year of school (hence the 23 year old graduating senior. Whatever, it's extremely common these days). So, its not going to be long before I'm kicked off my parent's insurance (around June) so it was extremely important I do accutane NOW, cause lord knows when I'll have a job with health benefits...anyway. Thats about all, stop by and say hi if the spirit moves you!!



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