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doctors visit.... test for PCOS, hormones and insulin resistance



I have some (but less) papules and almost no pustules but my jawline and back are the worst areas for still developing papules.

I have almost cut out dairy (apart from chocolate and coffee at work), drinking soya at home with my drinks and cereal. I have noticed much more improvement since doing this and I soon hope to become very observant with this

In the future I want to try a diet of low GI foods (but a diabetic diet as low GI includes chocolate and I think there must be a reason why diabetics shouldnt eat chocolate even if it is low GI) .... we shall see. been really interested in hormones and insulin resistance recently.

I went to the doctors today about continuing with lymecyclin, i have done alot of thinking and was about to find out if my doctor was a jobsworth or a true physician and I found he was at least open to my ideas.

I said my goal is to be able to wear a bikini in the summer in my 20's with clear skin and ejoy the way I look. He seemed on board with my goal ;)

i talked about fungle folliculitis and my experiments with head and shoulders

my interest in hormones and in insulin resistance

dietry effects on acne

and how I didnt see anti-biotics as being the way forward long term... he agreed with this

he agreed that my dietry changes could only benefit me in general (was expecting that)

he also said it would be worth checking my hormones and cholesterol and glucose.

looking for PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome) and any insulin resistance.

which i am very grateful for :(

my doctor is WIN at the moment :(

he also agreed to prescribe me any antifungal/antibacterial washes I wanted to try... i decided to hold fire on this until i finishantibiotics/ i have read more.


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