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Day two....hmmm



Well, I think things are going well. It appears that many of the cysts along my jaw are coming to a head, after only two days of using Azelaic acid. The problem is that I am tempted to pop these huge cysts......which I actually have to some of them and they appear to be getting better. Is this bad???? I noticed there was someone with an anti picking blog, I think I might need to join forces.

There are two new pimples on that cheek, but I think they are actually old pimples that are being dragged to the surface by the azelaic....these I am not going to pick, I DO NOT need any new scabs!!!!!!!

The being really healthy thing is going really well, still haven't had any sugar...it's actually been one week now without sugar, and its been totally fine. First few days I had a pretty bad headache, but now everything seems fine. I'm pretty sure that my skin is purging. I did however have a glass of wine on saturday, but that's better than my normal one bottle of wine.

I also hink that stopping all the antibiotics is taking its toll, antibiotics are not good!!!!!!!!

I have also been told by a derm here to start taking Beta Careten supplements, three a day. Beta caroten converts to vitamin A when the body needs it, preventing the liver from being overloaded by vitamin A which can be toxic in high does aka Roaccutane. I feel more confident with this than drugs. However pregnancy is not advised when taking this much beta caroten. Once benefit is that maybe i'll be a bit more tanned than usual.

Mentally, it's been hard looking this terrible. I am also trying to avoid too many cosmetics and other cheicals in shampoos etc. I have bought some baby shampoo for both my hair and body. This doesn't have the same detergents in it as other types of products. I just hope that simplifying everything will help.

Hmmmm, realising this was a bit boring today, but it's been one day.....have booked a back up derm appointment in exactly two weeks when I'm back in Aus. However I have a funny feeling that I will be lookin much better by then if I can avoid the picking and get my butt to the gym to sweat a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone got any other good natural skin products which have worked wonders???

Feeling good right now, crossing my fingers that it keeps going like this:)


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Hey! I will be keeping up with you because you and I are in the same boat. My husband and I thought we would start trying to have a baby last summer and when I went off the pill it was like I was 13 again (I am 27)... so of course I go to the derm freaking out and they put me on everything under the sun and finally I decided to put the baby thing on hold and go for getting rid of this once and for all and now I am on month two with accutane and I am feeling pretty good about my decision. My theory is that once I am looking good skin wise... it won't kill me that my body is expanding.... just thinking about giving birth without having time to put my makeup on haunted me. How sad is that? Best of luck to you! I look forward to what happens next. Keep me posted! Also.. if you are looking for any organic products for your face suki and jurlique are amazing. They are little more expensive but they last forever and make me feel so much better.

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hi long way to go and stinkeychezman!!same people with same problems!! although im not married and am not trying to get pregnant. I am also currently on month 2 of accutane. and i dont regret my decision either. its just a low dose 20mg/day but i am doing ok. i still do have breakouts but they are lesser and lesser. right now..i can say that i am clear. hopefully...=) same prob,..been getting cysts and not the ordinary pimples...been off the BCP for 1 month plus!! lets keep each other posted! i am 26 by the way.=) GOODLUCK!!!

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I am so excited to "meet" you two !!!!!!!!! I feel like I have been suffering alone for sooooo long. I have a few qestions for both of you.How are the side effects with the accutane? And how long until after stopping the accutane can you try and conceive? How bad did everything get before you guys took took the decision to start it?I'm scared about taking it because I don't want to go back on the pill, that's my main reason for avoiding it. More scared of the pill than the accutane. Sanity isn't normal when dealing with these problems...hahahaBy the way, the thought about makeup and birth, hilarious........and scarily I understand and totally agree with you :- So glad you two are here!!!

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hey!! im sooo happy too that i found ur blog!! finally someone i can relate to. same here! i too am scared to go back on the pill than go on accutane. i really really told myself that i would rather die than go back on the pill. i am also concerned because i am turning 27 this year and i have a boyfriend of 5 years...u know getting married and stuff. i cant afford to stop the pill during the time when i will be getting married and get a horrible breakout plus getting pregnant and worrying about my skin will kill me!hehehe. i need to stop this NOW. thats y i tried accutane. plus i dont want to keep on taking fake hormones in my body. =)as for the side effects of accutane..been so tried and achy muscles as well as DRY DRY LIPS!but i can manage!=)so how are you? so so glad to meet you here. =)

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