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Week One: Day Four



No improvement really but its not getting worse. I'm usually paranoid about how shiny my face is even if its really not that bad. There's been more stress lately, less sleep, more greasy food, and I'm probably going to wear make-up tomorrow. But it'll all be good. I'm still using the Regime, . . .!! :(

Also I wrote life advice, here's the best three out of twelve.

1. If you're afraid its going to happen again without any proof or intuition to support yourself with, come to terms with your fear, accept it, and stop feeding it attention. Eventually even if it really never goes away, it will to you.

8. Love those who are worthy/innocent, and tolerate those who are not.

10. Don't spend so much time looking for answers from other people you forget to fail so you can learn your own answers.

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