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African American Female On Accutane Day 17 Intro:



Hello Hopefuls (isn't that what we all are )),

I've been online a lot lately checking different blogs & EVERYTHING Accutane and I just can't seem to find the information that answers my specific issue. I'm an African American woman who developed adult acne at 23. I'm considerably older now and 5'11 with an athletic frame )) I’ve always been athletic, out going and attractive (hope that doesn't offend anyone). While in high school I had the very occasional zit but never needed makeup for anything until 23. That's when the frequency and number of bumps increased. Blah Blah Blah tried everything- finally got placed on Accutane.

Today is day 17 but according to the blogs I’m very a typical. I'm on 2 20 mg pills a day (40 mg). Day two my lips were super dry as well as my skin. Perhaps it's because I had retinoid in my skin two days b4 starting the treatment or maybe because of hypersensitivity. Either way I noticed. Day five I noticed my skin was really red (I figured this stuff is really working). Then on day 10 I one of the dumbest things to date. While at a spa, I did what I had so many times before, lay out on the rocks - hello the red lights were UV. Stayed for, oh about 20 minutes. Didn't occur to me that I was artificially sun bathing until the next day I noticed my skin was not only red but darker. It took two more days for the full color to come in. Needless to say when I walk by a mirror it's shocking. Now most of the redness has gone but my skin seems to have an olive tone - quite interesting.

On an acne note (my skin broke out like it does when I've received a sever sunburn) but now is almost 100% healed and I have little bumps under my skin that look like clogged pores. Other side affects include dryness through out my entire body *, shedding of hair (had some of this before but now it's pronounced) and yeah dried out discolored skin.

Spoke to the nurse and explained what happened she said I was probably more sensitive to the lamps and tanned but that it too shall pass. This is a shade I've never been before and it's uneven and it's making me look old. My fiancé is running around calling me mocca - he thinks it's hilarious. I'm usually considered a light skin African American but looking at me now I think my tone is that of a darker skinned Indian (from India) or a native of Morocco. Needless to say my make up, NOT GOING TO WORK.


PS Going to a HUGE event in 26 days ) Would like to look close to “normal†for it.

Creating better tomorrows,



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