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Week 1 Day 5

Today is my fifth day taking Accutane, and my face has definitely developed a few more blemishes. Really haven't experienced any side effects, although my lips are a tad bit dry.

I will also add that my face is feeling VERY oily right now, but I have been reading that is usually pretty common when you first start your treatment. It just feels very weird because my skin is never very oily, usually more on the dry side. Oh Well.

No initial breakout so far that has been too bad, like I mentioned above I have had a few more spots but they haven't been too bad.

Ill try and update this blog as much as possible, some days I just forget and am too tired to write. 





Week 1 Day1

Hello every one who may be reading this! I just took my first pill today and I am on my way to hopefully having clear skin! I am hoping that I will be lucky enough to not go through the IB stage, considering I have been taking topical retinoids for the past 5 months (I don't really think that matters, but wishful thinking). I am taking 40mg daily for this first month (all at once, one capsule).

My current skin situation: Left Cheek is my problem area. I currently have 5 or 6 current spots, with TONS of red marks from past blemishes. The Dermo said that is my biggest problem, the marks that the pimples leave behind.  Right cheek also has redness, but not nearly as much. Also have a few small spots that might show up within the next few days Chin is not a problem for me at all Forehead is never really bad but occasionally get some spots, but they never leave any marks when they go away. 

My current skincare routine: Clean face with CeraVe facial cleanser (Only after I shower) When face is still moist from the shower I will apply Neutrogena Hydro Boost to lock in moisture Apply BP spot treatment 10% to any current spots (I will continue to do this up until my skin becomes so dry from the accutane that I cannot handle it) Wait until the BP dries then apply Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Moisturizer.
Thats all for Day 1!






I will start my treatment tomorrow with Claravis 40mg. My current situation is mild acne with 5 active spots on my left cheek and nothing major on my right cheek, forehead, and chin. My first dermatology appointment was a few weeks and the first thing he suggested was Accutane because of the red marks my acne leaves behind. I will also add I've done years of antibiotics and prescription topicals, and my acne is still very persistent. Being in the business world it is very frustrating to have all these damn marks as I interact with tons of people everyday. 

I hope this blog will help some people out who are in the same situation as me, or are thinking about taking accutane!