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Month 3 update

As of yesterday, I've been on Absorica (accutane/isotretinoin) for 3 months collectively. It's been 2 months now that I've been on my maintenance dose, which is 60mg... (30mg AM, 30mg PM)
I've been clear since starting the maintenance 60mg, which is amazing. This is even with skipping my pills on most weekends. I do this because I typically have a few drinks on the weekends and I don't want to mix this medication with alcohol because you are supposed to avoid alcohol entirely while on it.

The only issue I've had since upping to the 60mg is a weird breakout on my chin. These just appeared a few days ago. This is not a type of breakout I have ever dealt with before though..... It is completely confined to my chin and its just little red bumps. Honestly it looks worse with makeup because of my dryness. It could be caused by my dryness, honestly. I've been putting pure Aloe Vera, and polysporin on my chin to help.

Other than that, 3 months in.... my skin is doing great. Lips..... dry. Aquaphor is still helping, and burts bees occasionally when I am out in public and don't want to bust out my giant tube of aquaphor.

Oh, I also wanted to mention.... STAY OUT OF THE SUN. I wore sunscreen but did not reapply one day that I was out in the sun most of the day. My forehead burned and it took 2 weeks to return to its normal color and stop peeling.





Days 18-30

I am surprisingly clear right now!!! Fingers crossed.
I had 3 cysts on my chin at one time and 1 on my forehead. RENEE ROULAU ANTI-CYST TREATMENT IS AMAZING!!!! Apply in evening after I take of my makeup about 2 times and then again before I go to sleep and the cyst shrinks so much!!!! It's kinda pricey but SO WORTH IT
Dryness has kinda chilled out, not nearly as bad, but the weather has been very humid.
I go to the Derm in 2 days for labs and I think it is possible he will increase my dosage because I am tolerating 30mg Absorica well.

Day 30 Update!!!!!!!   Went to the derm last week. I am bumping up to my "maintenance dose" which will be 60mg Absorica. This is DOUBLE my current dose and I am pretty clear right now aside from some very tiny places and blackheads. I'm expecting a breakout from the larger dose so that if I don't break out it will be a pleasant surprise.  I am also starting my period in a few days so it is possible I may break out from a combination of the larger dose and crazy period hormones.
My lips are already dry so I'm worried about how bad they will get.... Aquaphor is still my go-to for the most part.
Still keeping dairy to a minimum. No way to tell if skin clarity is from that or the tane.
The blackheads are working their way out... it's crazy to actually see how my skin is changing. My nose is so bumpy when you touch it closely and the blackheads come out if I just barely scratch at them. Hopefully the isotretinoin will shrink the pores on my nose.
I will update once I am on the 60mg Absorica in a couple days!!!





Day 4-17

So I haven't posted as much the past couple weeks. I haven't seen too much of a change in my skin.
I currently have 4 large zits on my chin. All white heads. I didn't use to get as many large white heads. I've had a couple cysts pop up in random spots I usually don't get them. The places on my chin have been healing SO slowly! Minimal improvement in a week. I tried mario badescues zit drying lotion  a  couple night ago, it defintiely makes the lesion smaller but causes more dryness (hence the name, duh.) which makes it more difficult to hide with makeup. Using clinique moisturizer (the yellow one, will find the name) on extra dry areas and have even used aquaphor on the tip & bridge of my nose. Aquaphor every 5 mins on my lips.
Dryness..... yes, lots. My face is overall more dry and less oily
Mask: Amazonian clay, apple cider vinegar, water, lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil with jojoba carrier oil. this combo is amaaaazing, its more smooth because of the oil and my face is so much more calm after using it.
I have an annoying scar on my cheek that I've been putting vitamin e on to possibly help heal it, but mainly to prevent it from getting worse. the vit E in jojoba carrier oil hasnt caused any breakouts like I've read it has others.

Here are my daily notes I've been trying to keep track of on my phone's notes app. Thursday 3/8
Less oily
Skin starting to get dry
Healing more slowly
Runny nose
No bloody noses but getting really bloody boogers....
PM mask

Friday 3/9
AM mask
Little flare up by my lip
Place in cheek still not healing uhg
Little hard not white heads not black heads on chin, won’t come out and if I pick at them they fester up.... what the heck are these?? I’ll get a close up pic

Saturday 3/10
Wasn’t feeling well all day so I forgot to take my Asorica. I was sick alllll day from drinking the night before. Threw up from 8am-5pm like it was my job. Lesson learned. Don’t drink more than a couple drinks while on accutane!!!

Sunday 3/11
Took my Asorica around 3pm and did a mask (Amazonian clay, acv, water, tea tree, vit E)
My chin has broken out again where it was beginning to stop. It looks kinda lumpy and I’ve never really noticed that about my skin, however it’s possible I’m just being more critical of it because I’m taking notes on it daily.
Side effects
My hands are SO dry and that’s never been an issue before
I’m getting all these small dry patches randomly on my body... not sure if it’s accutane related but I’m going to call the derm about it if it doesn’t clear up in a week or so
Joint pain... my knees always pop but now it’s to the point where they hurt if I don’t periodically pop them

Monday 3/12
It seems like when one area clears up nicely another flares up. But they’ve been going away quicker. The zits/white heads that is, go away quicker.

Tuesday 3/13
I think those weird hard black head like things I was getting are gone. Getting a lot of dryness on the tip of my nose.





Day 2-3: Asorbica 30mg

Days 2-3
Not much change...I have 2 pimples that are in areas I usually break out anyway. They are a little bit different.... consistency? The skin on top of them is harder/more thick and I don't think I'll be able to easily pop them. So, I'm going to leave them and hope they disappear soon to avoid scarring. One of the most annoying recurring lesions is right smack dab in the middle of my chin. I suppose oil just accumulates there. It's like I get it to go away but it always returns within a couple of days. My skin overall seems a little bumpy.... like new places are about to surface. I'm going to blame that on stopping Spiro and Bactrim, not the Asorbica.
Back to my weird "hard' pimples, I've read some blog posts about skin peeling off like craaaaazy & painful if you place a hot towel on your face while on the Tane..... so early in the treatment though, I wonder if I could still get away with the hot towel method so I could pop those suckers... Anyone?

Wash: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
Mask: Made a new one this morning!!!! Mask "Recipe" Amazonian Clay, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera Oil. Keeping it in the refrigerator because ACV typically needs to be refrigerated if diluted & I think the coolness may calm some redness
Moisturizer: Neutrogena
TEA TEA TEA!!!!! I've been consuming 4-5 cups of spearmint tea every day along with 1 cup of the Femininitea. No way to say if its helping yet, but I am hopeful!

Thoughts -- in hindsight, probably not the brightest idea to start this treatment right before summer..... I love to be outside. I'll just have to be super careful about wearing sunscreen & maybe not take the tane when I know I'll be in the sun for a few days before.
Also thinking about calling and asking the derm for a Steroid rx to be proactive in case I get a bad flare up from not being on my normal meds....






Day 1: Asorbica (Isotretinoin) 30mg

Day 1
I wrote a ton in the About section so check that out if you are curious what I have tried, what led me to Isotretinoin and what I am currently doing. This wasn't a decision I came to lightly.
I am so nervous about stopping my spironolactone and Bactrim. That combination really helped with my breakouts, I just can't keep taking that much medicine every day.
I'll also mention my acne is not "severe" but it is enough to make me stay in and cancel plans when I have a bad breakout. It mainly stays in my T-zone and flares up around my period especially. The past month its been the worst around my chin and sides of my mouth, the higher dose of spiro and Bactrim  helped with that but hasn't completely gone away. I will add pictures later.

I hesitantly took my first dose of 30mg Asorbica this morning around 7:30am. It doesn't have to be taken with food but I still had some yogurt before I took it, just to be safe. I was prescribed 30mg. I weigh about 125 pounds.

I have my birthday at the end of this month and graduation in May, so I'm praying I can avoid the initial breakout. Anyone had luck with no initial breakout or preventing the initial breakout??

Has anyone had experience starting off with every other day? My doctor said I could do that but it was up to me... I wonder if I could alternate days of Asorbica and Spironolactone to wean myself off the spiro and help prevent the initial breakout??
I wish I could continue light-therapy while on Asorbica. I may try the light to nix some breakouts while I am just starting the Asorbica before I get any dryness/redness. Haven't decided yet.




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