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The Positive Side Of Acne

I wanna preface this with this is all my opinion So we all see acne as this negative thing and lets be honest it really is, nobody is happy about having it but when it comes to a silver lining I personally can say for myself that there has been one. First we can start with one that I think we all have. I think as acne suffers we all have developed an empathetic trait especially to this suffering from acne since we obviously walked a day in their shoes (or still currently are). I think that i





Feeling Different

So I am about to start my third week of accutane, and everything is as expected initial breakout (which oddly enough is stopping and clearing up quite early, but lets be real I ain't that lucky), dryness yada yada.  Interesting enough I did develop a side effect and I had to confirm with the booklet that comes with the pills to see if the pills are causing this and it is "Losing interest in your usual activities". I work out as it sort of a job requirement 6 times a week and yes that is draini





A bit about me

Hello there, As you might have guessed from the title I work in the male modeling industry for almost two years and as life would have it I started to have skin issues right around the time my agent scouted me. A brief history of my skin, I had the typical teenage pimples early in high school like grade 9 and it was clear from then on out until two years ago (6 years after my grade 9 pimple phase). Right around this time I was doing test shoots to develop my book so nothing serious and makeup




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