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Dry Skin People, Dryyyyyyyyy and loving it!!- End of Week 8

Changes on my skin
I never knew that the words "dry skin and loving it" would be used in the same sentence and make sense. Well, i mean just that!! and why not?? for as long as i noticed changes in my body from a girl to a young woman, i have had oily skin, the kind you would look at at any time of the day and think i have just slathered a good layer of cooking oil on (ok, ok, i may be exaggerating a bit but you get the drift).  Wearing make-up was always a grueling task, results not as impressive and i would still have an oily face as loose powder makes me have an "ashy" appearance. But now, two months into the Iso journey, there is absolutely not a dot of oil on my face, NOTHING PEOPLE, NOTHING!!  But nothing uncomfortable-maybe this is what is actually called a “normal skin” just that I wouldn’t know that from experience. Two weeks ago, i started wearing some makeup-a concealer, foundation and loose powder (the latter on an experimental basis). Well, i can't stop but looking at how flawless my face looks, seriously, i have a small mirror that i keep on my desk at work and lets just say, it has become a pre-occupation (an unhealthy one seeing as i am not paid to look at my face every one hour but hey, who's ticking??)! Oh, and the cherry on top, no need to touch up-the whole day!!

On the downside, am still dealing with hyper-pigmentation from old scars and a darker facial skin tone as a side effect of Iso. Also, i have noticed that any lesion on my skin is taking much longer to dry and heal. However and thankfully so, i have near-nothing to press on my face. The flakiness i wrote about in my last entry has also reduced significantly.

Skin-care Regimen
Nothing much has changed here and thankfully, its a relatively wet season this part of the Sahara and so i do not have to worry about too hot sun exposure-temperatures can get as high as 30 degrees Celsius on dry seasons. Besides, i am rarely outdoors and when i do, i wear protective clothing. I have only stopped wearing raw shea butter as I think the oils (earlier talked about) and Vit E mixture suffices in providing sufficient moisture for my “dry” skin, at least for now. 

P.s. i am yet to notice significant change in my skin tone on my face due to wearing a concoction of oils + Vitamin E . But then again, its been just about two weeks since i started.

I will be going for an end-of-week-8 review in a couple of days so i will update you on how that goes.







My Derm's good report and still here on Day 45.........

I went for blood work after a month on Iso and all the tests as we "Iso Clan" know them were all good. Armed with the tests i marched to my derm's office for a review and a refill . He was happy with the way my skin looked and actually told me that the drug was working faster that he anticipated. Wanna find out what he meant? Allow me to indulge you...

Changes to my skin after a month and to date
First, let me bust your bubble-No, i dont have a clear glowing non-hyper-pigmented facial skin-well not just yet but that is the goal right? What the derm meant is that my face has achieved a relative level of dryness after a month and has lesser breakouts than before, indicative of effectiveness of the drug on me (you should have seen me grin from corner to corner ) . To date, my face continues to be dry but highly pigmented (no, i will not bog you down with evidence). I have also noticed that the "self-destructive works of my nails on my poor face" (if you follow me you will know what i mean..) are taking longer to heal, a factor that is adding salts to the injury that is hyper-pigmentation (goodness, this word is looong, ). However, my dry facial skin and lips are nothing i cannot handle with good moisturizers and thank God this is only restricted to my face-not other parts of my body.
I have also noticed (and people who know me well have confirmed the same) a good measure of darkening of my facial skin compared to the rest of my body.

Changes in my daily skin care regime
My morning ritual remains pretty much the same-however, there has been a modification in my evening one. To try and moisturize my facial skin richly and beat darkening (if i can), i am slathering on a good dose of raw shea butter, pure Vitamin E, Carrot oil and Sweet Almond Oil after cleansing (Shhhhhh, my derm cant know as he explicitly told me to stay away from "oils" and instead stick to typical moisturizers ). I guess the one who wears a shoe knows where it pinches most and i figured i needed to change the way i have been moisturizing my skin to stay well moisturized-you know, "you cant keep doing the same things and expect different results" slogan?? (i know, cliche' but you follow..) Well, it has now been a week and my skin feels so much better and who knows, i can also help me halt the darkening (fingers crossed).

Oh and another thing, my derm said after this month, we might up my dose to 40mg/day (i am not looking forward to that but hey, got to remain positive)!

Cheers peeps........





Day 23 and counting........

Overall changes on my body:
The back pain i was experiencing last week has now been on and off but even without pain ointment, it is by and large manageable and i hope it remains that way or is gone completely. 
Changes on my skin: My face is finally dry (if any other part of my skin is also dry, then i have not noticed it) but not in any way uncomfortably so or visible-i would say it has assumed a "normal-face" status. It feels good to finally not blot out a layer of oil (ok, ok, i am exergarring to make a point..) from my face in the course of a day. My lips are as dry as they were last week and not any worse-largely, manageable. I have more pronounced small papules all over my face but by no means noticeable by other people, only by me (remember i told you i have a "hands-on-my-face-all- the-time-syndrome"?? Yeeer..). I still wont keep my hands off my face and i will still dig the contents of those small papules with my nails  (poor things) and as a result, i have only aggravated hyper-pigmentation on my face ()! Speaking of contents, when i press those "little monsters", i notice what comes out are well formed "dry" small balls of oil (for lack of better words) as opposed to before where the contents would be mhhhh..."fluidy" (forgive the language, ). That can only mean the drug is drying the oil deep in my skin and pushing it out through my pores as expected. However, i do not have huge pimples that have whiteheads. 
I have continued with my cleansing-moisturizing-sunscreen routine. For reasons explained above, i have little to show for a change in photos.

So long............





Day 16-The upper backache, eiiiish!!

Its official people, "the little pills are the culprit to the squeaking upper back pain that i have been experiencing"!! In my first week after i started Iso, i wrote that i was experiencing some unexplained muscle pains which although not unusual especially after a vigorous workout session, i suspected were an early side effect of Iso. I can now confirm that. The pain is severe at night and because i sit a lot in the office, there is always a lingering pain in the course of a day. Previously, when i would have a backache, largely occupational, i would just have a long run and that would sort me out-well, that seems not to be the magic anymore. While it does not hurt while I workout, doing so does not relieve me of the pain either. I have read that it is important not to over-stress your liver with “unnecessary meds” while on Iso as it is already working too hard to make sure that it metabolizes it. So, I am not taking any oral pain killers-what I am doing though is apply some pain-relieving ointment that relieves the pain-albeit temporarily. I have heard that fish oil helps in this matter-anyone with experience in that and if so, what kind of fish oil, supplements or…??, Thank you... Changes on my skin:   1.       My lips have continued to be dry but not cracked-in fact, with a good layer of A&D ointment, I am doing relatively well in that area. Otherwise, if feels like there is a layer of artificial skin on my lips that no matter how I moisturize and hydrate, I just can’t get rid of. However, even on naked lip, it is not visible. 2.       My skin is still oily especially on the T-zone. However, I have small bumps all over my face although again not visible to someone else-only when I stretch my face that even I can see them. My face feels rough on the touch though. What has been the most noticeable development is that the pimples I develop, and they are not may-1 on my chin, two stubborn ones on the left side bridge of my nose and one that I just popped on the left side of my forehead are so skin-deep and painful when I try to press them. They are also sometimes itchy. Yet, they are not productive even when there seems to be a pimple-point. There are also some painful bumps on my nose but not formed as a pimple.   Now, let me say that in all my life with acne, I just can’t get myself not to provoke a pimple that is not ready!! I will press and press and press until something comes out-more often than not puss or blood  (sorry guys for sounding gross, just making a point here), out of injury. They should invent a pill that prevents hands from touching one’s face especially one that is acne-full/prone!! Or is there one already (if you know any, please holla at me..) In fact, my derm assures me that i wouldn’t have as much hyperpigmentation if I just didn’t press the pimples-but I just cant, I can’t!!   Otherwise I still continue with my skin care routine as I have enumerated before. I feel that i have not had significant changes on my skin to warrant photos today.

Addio for now...