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Baby powder with a twist

I read a while back about mixing Talc with a bit of water to make a paste, apply it to spots and it dries them out. Gave it a try, loved it. So I decided to get creative! I bought some of cuticura’s mildly medicated talc (works wonders for itchy skin), and decided to mix it with other things to create a paste. Here are the best results so far! 

1. Mix the powder with one or two drops of whiskey. Yup, whiskey. Not only is the alcohol great for drying up healing zits, but if you have nasty throbbing painful acne, the whiskey acts as a numbing agent! I’ve also found that it’s great for bringing spots to a head quicker.

2. Mix with TCP. Now I’m not a huge fan of TCP. It does help my spots, but it can be very drying which can lead to redness, so I reserve this stuff as my “big gun” to tackle the really deep stubborn spots that won’t budge. 

3. My typical method, the powder mixed with saltwater. The salt is mild enough to dry out the spot, and is a great natural antiseptic that speeds up the healing. 

Now I guess you could argue “Why don’t you just put those things on your face without the talc?” 
Truth is I’ve found that the talc gives these remedies more staying power! As a naturally oily and sweaty person (Gross right),I  find that if I just dab the treatment, for example the saltwater by itself, onto the zitty region, I end up having to constantly reapply it. But in conjunction with the powder, I only need to apply once before bed. Eventually the concoction dries on my face, no further applications needed! 





Cut back on squeezing!

About 3 weeks ago, I suffered from an absolutely EVIL tooth abscess. My entire right cheek/jaw was puffed up, and I could barely touch it without bursting into tears. What’s this got to do with acne? I learned how much of a difference not squeezing and picking at my spots made!! 

I was still merrily squeezing away at the spots and blackheads on the right side of my face, but the left was an excruciating no-go for a good week. And wow, the difference in both sides of my fave was astounding. The left side was red, irritated, and full of future scars. The right, smooth and my spots had more or less cleared up. A major plus side to my agony! I realised my biggest spot agitator as myself. My bad. So I decided to give the no-squeezing a try all around and the change has been awesome! Granted, still get zits. But now I try to leave them be. Granted they take longer to go away, but when they do there is no scarring at all. Won’t lie, if I have a spot that is ready to pop without putting too much pressure on my face, I’ll go for it. But if that little bugger won’t budge after a gentle squeezing, leave it be!! 





The Saltwater effect!

Earlier I posted a blog about the joys of using no water. However, I missed a vital water-included step. Yup, I’m a massive hypocrite. My bad. But hear me out!

One of my experiments from way back when was mixing equal parts salt and water and washing my face with it. While it was ok, at the time it only mildly helped. However I’ve found that putting some in a spray bottle and using it here-and-there can also work wonders. One of my favourite tricks is during a nice hot shower/bath/facial steaming, I’ll spray a good amount of the saltwater mix on my face and gently rub it in whilst my pores are open. I’ll just leave it on, then dab my face dry when I’m done. If I’m in more of a rush, on a day when I’m going makeup-free, I’ll spray some on a cotton pad and wipe it all across my face, leaving on for a good few hours. While it may sting, I’ve learned stinging=good! 

I dont do do this everyday as it can be a bit harsh on my stupidly sensitive skin, usually I go for 3 times a week. I’ve really noticed that it helps dry up any current spots, and acts as a natural gentle disinfectant. While it’s recommended you use sea salt, I confess I’ve cheated a few times and used common table salt which gives me just as good results. Oh I do love natural (and more importantly) cheap skin saviours!! 





No water experiment!

So during a lazy period, I decided to try the “no water” thing. I’m not referring to the caveman regimen, which FYI, did my skin no favours. I mean using other products to clean my face. So my skin is insanely combination. As in it’s greasy AND dry at the same time (Wtf??!), blackheads, former acne scars, whiteheads, cysts, you get the idea. In the beginning I thought I’d use face washes. Dove Soap, acne washes, you name it. I figured, if it dries out my skin, it’ll dry out my spots right? Wrong. Even after applying moisturiser, my skin was like, nope, go crazy spots. ARGH! 
When I heard about using a cream cleanser instead of water and face wash I thought “Ew! My face is will be unclean and sweaty! Turns out, I was wrong. At first I tried a really thick one, I slathered on Ponds Cold cream and wiped it off with a wash cloth. But it was WAY to harsh and left my skin with a weird residue that the spots didn’t like. Round two, I needed something gentler. So I went for Olay rich cleansing cream. Slapped a good blob on a cotton pad and gently buffed my face with it. It got my make up off brilliantly, and left my skin feeling nourished without a heavy OTT greasy feeling. Plus the buffing action got rid of any dry skin around my nose and mouth! I stuck with this for a while, then as always, decided to venture into different cleansing methods out of curiously. However I always find myself coming back to cream cleansers. It’s like cleaning and moisturising in one (convenient), and some of the cleansers are pretty cheap! Right now I’m using the Garnier Rosewater infused one, or the soothing one for sensitive skin. When I’m done cleansing, I apply a non-drying toner designed for troublesome skin. Garnier PureActive anti-blemish is my saviour of late. And viola, done! Now my skin has not cleared 100%, as if it ever will. But this method seems great for balancing my skin and reducing redness and scarring.  If my skin feels a little dry I’ll apply moisturiser only where I need it, and treatment on spots. What I also love about cream cleansers is the multi-use they provide. Using it before make up provides a smooth base, and (since I’m all for DIY skincare), I love making my own little concoctions. For example if my skin is being a real bitch, I’ll add a few drops of tea tree oil into the cleanser. Or if my skin is dry, I sprinkle a bit of bicarbonate of soda into it and gently buff it into my skin. It’s also great for removing eye makeup and softening the eye area, which I especially enjoy since I get dry itchy eyes. 

So....yeah I’ve rambled.  But give it a shot! I know so many people with spots that assume Rigorous washing is the key, especially if you have oily skin. But all that does it provoke your pores into oiling up more! With the CC, it gives your skin the moisture it needs so it doesn’t need to work as hard. 

Hope this his post will helpful for some despite how lengthy it is (apologies, first blog entry excitement) :-)