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Cannula subcision with prp+skin booster

So this is Day 5 following a pretty aggressive subcision kind of procedure. 

Basically the doctor used a cannula to get under my skin all over and cut through scar tissue. She said it’s the worst scar tissue under the skin she has ever seen. It has caused previous fillers to be lumpy and make my skin worse.

im convinces it is the reason my skin doesn’t heal anymore, why it’s so crinkly etc.

as of now, my skin is too horrible to contemplate. I wanted some prp and I broke down and cried in the doctors sugery. She said this would help. I’m so desperate, and I kept crying and asking her if it would make my skin worse, after the disgusting effects of the procedures performed by a very ‘reputable’ doctor in Australia. 

My skin is a horrible atm. How is this level of unevenness and scars and just ....how is this possible?




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