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Current skin - Almost 4 months on Spiro

Here are my pictures of my skin currently. I have like 2/3 active zits on my forehead but there are always little zits under the skin of my forehead  that are not visible in pictures. I also have a lot of red/brown scars, overall redness, blotchyness and hyperpigmentation that you can clearly see. 




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Almost 4 months

It’s been almost 4 months now that I’ve been on 100 mg of the Spiro and about 4 weeks ago I increased to 125 mg. I think I am seeing very slow improvements with each month that goes by but I’m still getting new zits every other day or every 3 days at least. I am continuing to try to keep positive but I guess I’m still waiting for this miraculous “perfect” skin that I read about on reviews. I’m seeing a new dermatologist in two days so I am hopeful she will give me some advice and a new perspective on this whole situation with how long Spiro can take. I am still getting the zits pretty much all over my face. It’s not cystic but just annoying pesky white heads and I get blind painful ones on my chin. I seem to get a lot along my hairline as well. I get ones that are flesh colored and that I can feel but that are not very visible unless I’m in certain light that shines across my face. This is what just drives me crazy. It’s like when will they just stop coming?? Sigh! My skin care routine is as follows is anyone cares..... at night I wash my face with watered down Dr. Bonners Tea tree castile soap, I then tone with the Pixi Glow toner that has 5% glycolic acid, and then I put on either Epiduo and a Clindamycin/Benzoyl Peroxide mix every other night. The in between nights I’m using a serum that has glycolic acid in it from the same brand Pixi. I feel like both those Pixi products have helped alot especially with my black heads on my nose. I spot treat with Tarte Blemish Bully too, sometimes at night and sometimes I’ll use that during the day as well. In the mornings I only rinse my face with water and then use the Thayers witch hazel rose water toner, then I put on Paula’s Choice Salicylic acid BHA toner and then I moisturizer with Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel. This routine has seemed to be good and my skin is not dry or too flakey. I also use 3 different masks through out the week. I use the Magna Minty mask from Lush on Saturdays, the Pixi Glow Mud mask on Tuesdays, and then I use Pixi Peel and Polish now Thursday. I feel like keeping myself on this consistent schedule helps me know exactly what is working or not working for my skin. I try to post pictures tomorrow, again, for anyone who actually cares and reads my blog. Blessings to all!





Current skin- been on 100mg of Spiro for almost 3 months

Here are current pictures of my bare skin. I’m trying to keep positive because I can see improvement but it’s definitely not flawless like so many other reviews I’ve read. Maybe my expectations are crazy but I seriously want my skin to not have any blemishes. I am still getting under the skin zits on my forehead that do not go away unless I pop them. Then I’m left with terrible scabs, as you can see in the pic. And I still have these deep blackheads or something down on my chin that will not purge.





3 months- I’m still waiting for results

I figured I’d write an update since it’s been almost a month since I created this blog. I’ve been on Spiro since October 31, 2017. I am currently taking 100 mg at night before bed. I started the dosage out very low and have gradually increased but I have not seen much improvement in my skin. I would not call my acne severe... BUT it is very very persistent; all kinds of zits and pretty much all over my face to some degree. Being 32 years old I would assume my acne is hormonal but I do not get a ton of cyst-like acne on my chin and jaw line; which is where everyone says hormonal acne manifests itself.  I seem to get a lot of under the skin zits and white heads on my forehead. I have had 2 enormous cysts on my forehead (one in the summer of 2016 and one last November 2017) that I had to have cortisone injections, but it’s not common for me to get those kind. I do get very deep black heads down by my chin that never come to a head and just sit there for weeks no matter what I do. They’re not super visible but they are darker and in the right lighting I can see a bump. I currently have like 3 right 4 right now on each side that have been there since December. It is so frustrating! I just don’t know what to do to get rid of them because squeezing at them never gets it out and then all I end up doing is damaging my skin and causing scabs me even more hyperpigmentation. It makes no sense to me why the Spiro isn’t seeming to make a difference for me yet. I am trying so hard to stay positive but it is so emotionally devastating when I wake up everyday or every other day with new zits. I know so many women who have reviewed Spiro on this site say it takes MONTHS to see results. I keep telling myself that I need to give it at least 6 months. I am seeing a new dermatologist at the end of March. I am hopeful she can look at my skin and advise me of whether we need to bump up my dosage or if I need to consider Accutane. (I really do not want to have to take accutane) My regular practitioner is the one who is prescribing my Spiro and since she is not a specialist in skin, her advice was wanting me to make an appointment with a dermatologist. My heart aches having to walk this road. I just want to feel normal and know that my body is in balance. I am a mommy to 4 boys and I’m sick of this disease controlling my life and stealing the joy I should be having in this stage of our life. I have considered cutting out sugar to see if that works and could help but I honestly don’t eat unhealthy in general. I do not eat/drink dairy and I eat a ton of fresh fruits and veggies. We do not eat meat from grocery stores either. We are a family who hunts and we mainly eat wild venison for red meat. I just don’t know what to do anymore. If anyone is even reading this blog and you have any advice please comment. I feel alone in this battle. I no longer want to allow acne to define who I am. I want to be confident in myself and just have healing from this skin condition. 




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Photos of my current skin

This is hard for me to do but I want to be real and raw with this journey I’m on. So here are photos I took last night of my skin right after I got out of the shower. I’d say they’re fairly accurate but my skin/acne is always a bit more red and blotchy after I am in a hot shower. Some of the pimples were ones I picked at that you couldn’t even see but I knew they were there and it drives me crazy. I definitely need to be better at not picking and just letting them go. I know that all it does is cause inflammation, makes bacteria spread and causes scarring. Sorry for the scary looking blacked out eyes!!





The first 2 months

This is going to be a very long first post because I’m going to go into detail of my whole acne experience. So I apologize in advance! Im not even sure anyone will be interested in reading this blog but I know for myself I have read a few other personal blogs on this site and they have encouraged me in this battle with acne.

I’m a female, 32 years old and have had mild to moderate acne on and off since I was 13. In high school I had a few zits here and there but it was very mild and nothing that could not be controlled by a topical treatment. I used proactive as my skin care routine and at age 16 went on birth control for about a year. I didn’t stay on it long. After high school I went to one year of college and my skin was pretty much the same, a few break outs here and there but manageable with benzoyl peroxide, and other topicals etc.

I got married at age 20 and had our first son at age 22. My skin was beautiful and flawless throughout my pregnancy and the year after that I nursed him. I became pregnant again and had our second son at age 24. Once again my skin was clear and flawless throughout that pregnancy and the time that I nursed him. As my second son approached the age of 2 I started noticing my skin breaking out more. My acne was pretty much all over my face. I had white heads, black heads and under the skin pimples. I did not have cystic acne. I had never been self conscious about my acne before but it was getting much worse and so I decided to see a dermatologist because I was feeling insecure. This was in September of 2011. He put me on an antibiotic called Cephadroxyl and a few topicals. Within 3-4 months my skin was clearing up. That next year (2012) I knew we were going to be trying for our 3rd baby so I weaned myself off of the antibiotic and got pregnant with our third son in May. My whole pregnancy with him my skin was again perfect and beautiful. I nursed him for a year and it was clear as well for that time. Once he was a year old and I was done nursing him I started to noticed my skin breaking out again (Fall of 2014). It gradually got worse and once again I went to my dermatologist. He put me on a different antibiotic this time called Doxycycline and another topical but this time it was not having any effect. It actually made me very sick and I was losing weight. So he told me we could try something called Spironolactone. But first I had to be on a birth control because of the birth defects it can cause if you get pregnant with a boy. So I went off the antibiotic and went on Tri-Sprintec in November of 2014 and then in the beginning of January I started the Spiro. I had heard of Spiro because my mom had been on it for a few years for her adult acne. My acne seemed to be improving pretty fast and by February I was thinking it was working for me. My periods had been sort of sporadic. I had gotten 2 in January so in February when my period didn’t come I wasn’t worried. But as the weeks went on I started to get concerned I might be pregnant so I took test..... low and behold I was pregnant!!! I was so upset and afraid because of everything I heard with how dangerous it was to be taking Spiro and conceive. Long story short I somehow got pregnant even though I was taking birth control religiously. Fast forward to November 2015, I had a healthy baby boy. Absolutely no birth defects and he was completely healthy and normal in every way. But throughout my pregnancy with him my skin was not good like it was with my other 3 pregnancies. I nursed him for 18 months and during that time my skin was still not good. I even had a cyst that I had to have injected with cortisone. Like I said earlier my acne was never cystic so this was VERY abnormal for me and given the fact that I was breastfeeding it was crazy. (I forgot to mention that I had a tubal ligation done in July of 2016 because we knew we were done having kids)

That brings me to this past summer 2017. My skin was pretty good.... I was using a skin care called Ninja Skincare and it seemed to be ok. But towards the middle  of October something went absolutely crazy and I started breaking out worse then I ever have in my life. I was under a ton of stress. I started homeschooling my boys, we were in the middle of trying to sell our house and I just felt so overwhelmed by many things. So I feel like it was most likely stress, hormones and genetics. I tried switching my Skincare to something more natural called ‘Carly’s’ but it seemed to be making it worse. So all of that to say once again I started taking Spironolactone at the end of October. I decided to start out on a super low dose (12.5 mg) because I wanted to gradually increase so my period wouldn’t go nuts. By December I had increased up to 100 mg and have been on that now for closing in on 2 months.

Since starting the Spiro my skin has been totally up and down the entire time. I’ve had pimples in places that I don’t usualy get them. For instance there was like 3/4 weeks where my forehead was covered in black heads and these tiny little zits that wouldn’t ever come to a head. They sat there unless I’d squeeze all of them then my skin would be so inflamed and scabby for days. I also started getting a ton of blind zits on my chin and jaw. This was again not typical for me. So now here I am at the end of January and I feel pretty hopeless. My forehead continues to have zits and my cheeks and temples aren’t clear either. My chin is finally seeming like the deep ones I had might be dissolving. I had like 4 that would NOT go away. They were there for over a month. Or I’d pop them, then they’d heal, but once the scab came off I could still feel a bump under my skin.

I definitely want to stick out taking the Spiro for at least 6 months. (Which will be like April) From what I’ve read on this site and a million others, it takes a lot of time for the Spiro to work. I am also using the topicals Epiduo and Benzoyl/Clindamycin -switching every other night. I wash my face with Dr. Bonner’s Tea Tree Hemp Castile soap diluted with water. And in the morning I am only rinsing my face with water because I’ve been reading a lot about how too many harsh ingredients can strip the natural oils my skin needs. 

If you are still here and have actually read this entire blog post, thank you! I hope my journey can help someone else who is also facing this terrible battle with adult acne. I will try to respond to comments and update each week with my progress and maybe upload a few pictures if I have the guts to.