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Living with the fact that you have acne and wont let it bother you ANYMORE!

So I've over came my fear of acne. It's cliche that you receive treatment for it and after a few days progress is shown, but it will never all just pack up and leave. Trust me, I know the feeling. So I've come down to a tiny amount of small pimples mostly under my eyes where the nose bone is, (ha  nose bone) and just a few on my nose barely noticeable. If you really want it to go away just drink ALOT of water, shower regularly and feel free to add a few vegies to your diet...it's not that hard. Try your best to avoid eating alot of sweets. Don't get me wrong, I love sweets and I still cheat a few days and have my fair share of chocolate. But  , it may cause your acne to flare up or cause other bumps to form and we all know that nobody wants that. Another step is being confident. Don't look down when the guy/girl you like is talking to you. You may offend them. Besides, if they weren't intereste4d in you they wouldn't be talking to you in the first place. So, just be calm and polite and ALWAYS smile. People may start to wonder and say... "They have acne and they're always smiling. I wish I was as happy as they were." You are beautiful and NEVER forget that!!! <3






A Priscribed Treatment and Prayer

About a month ago, When I started having a really severe breakout, way worse than before...I brought it to my mom's attention and told her I'd like to see a doctor. I was itching and picking at the pimples with every second I had. So finally my mom decided to take me. The doctor prescribed 'Dermovate', I was excited, but was still doubtful. I used the cream once but rubbed it off a few minutes after.and complained that it was only making my acne worse, but I was just so miserable because I wanted to see immediate progress. Acne makes you SUPER MISERABLE, so from that day on, I promised myself that I'd never use it AGAIN.

However, my sister came over to spend Christmas with us yesterday and her face was extremely flawless... I mean it was so clean and smooth I had to ask her about it... She had acne too.

"Remember that cream?" She said smiling.
"You mean dermovate??"
"Yea, I used it every night after washing my face, for four days."

My mom gave me a 'told you so' look, she was always telling me I should've continued using it. So I decided to try it that same night. I prayed and asked God to work his miracles through this cream so it could work ... Now just this morning, I got up and went to the bathroom. I was taken aback when I saw my face in the mirror and immediately I ran to tell my mom the great news...I saw great progress in just one night. It kinda lightened my skin colour but hey, God helped me... That's most important...THANKYOU LORD!!!
Even if after a while I get rid of them, I'm still going to stick to what I went through... I wont stop being the positive person I am... As i had said, "Your flaws cant break you, they can only make you stronger."






I Almost Forgot my 'ACNE'

My acne was like my biggest nightmare ever. Every morning I woke up I would rush to the mirror first thing to see if my acne finally decided to die down. I guess because I've met this community I have been making splendid progress... Since this week, every morning I get up I don't even think about rushing to the mirror anymore and honestly thats great. I've become more happy and friendly AND positive each and everyday of embracing! I am blessed... That is your reward in process of embracing your acne. I have become more proud and strong and don't even care if people are looking me closely and directly in the face. Now I'm making eye contact ALL THE TIME!! :-} :-} :-} 


Have a CONFIDENT and SPLENDID night loves...






Religious Beliefs Towards Acne

So today, I'm here to talk with you on religious beliefs towards acne. We all know there's a God based on your religion and what you believe. There's more to it than just praising your God, believing and praying and creating a bond with God, helps you in many different aspects. But, based on acne and my experience which I am still going through, I have learnt to pray and believe, to never lose hope because God hears my prayers, my insecurities and my doubts. I have seen changes in my acne just by believing and having faith. I'm not crazy, and if you believe in God, the most high person and creator, you're not crazy. God's miracle, is powerful than any and everything in this world. His miracles are stronger and healthier than any acne treatment videos or moisterizers or medicine. When you have faith, there's a bigger and better outcome. I know many people are afraid of what others may think when it comes to Religion...

"OMG, he's/she's a freak. 'I have to have faith in Jesus', BLAH BLAH... pathetic."

NO! Don't be discouraged by any idiot who knows nothing of the Lord. Many of you may be calling me a freak, but go on for all I care. There is hope, I believe there is. So all of you who are going through terrible acne struggles and feel like giving up, seek GOD today, get to know GOD today! See the miracles he'll work for you. Stop doubting and press forward with positivity.

So my quote to you today is... "You may not see, but God has a plan for you and me."

Always remeber, you are BEAUTIFUL, you cant stop being who you are. I love you. Someone who you don't even know exists, loves you.





Guys will still be attracted to you while you have acne

You can never stop being yourself. Acne can't change you or your personality. Guy's will always check you out or blow compliments at you no matter what. What really matters though, is personality. Your personality defines who you are. If... you're dark and cold, unfriendly or just carry an unwelcoming attitude everywhere it will eventually turn people away, especially guys. Trust me, I know acne makes you super miserable, but you have to atleast remember that just your smile may make someones day, or that guy your looking for may be passing by, you give him a smile and he looks back... well yea thats a start ;)... 

Think of your face as the sky and your acne as stars. Your beautiful face is always there while the acne may come and go. When your stars appear, especially on sunny days, dont hate the sun honey, it's just your time to shine. 

Another thing that I've done and still happen to do up to this time is walking with my head down...
You may just bring attention to yourself that you feel discouraged about something. I have overcame that struggle just today and it feels great to have that low area of self-esteem gone. 

Try speaking to yourself sometimes about how you feel (you're not being crazy) so that you can have yourself to rely on because no human can know just how precise you feel. I didn't say you cant relate because you really can, but deep inside there's just something else about your acne.

Back to Guys... I've read what guys think about acne on their girlfriends and surprisingly they all amazed me. It showed me that there are really great men who see beyond and deeper within your pimples, but its mostly based on personality. Always be warm and friendly and smile! Who knows, the guy you've been waiting for may even be checking you out everyday and is just trying to find the right time to come up to you. Or mabey... he's just taking long because he's stuck in the bathroom practicing his lines... 

"Hey, umm... you're really pretty and sweet and umm.... will you go out with... umm... me sometime?"

Lol :-D

Just remain jovial... people will love being around you because its always a round of fun when you're around. That guy is out there, just wait...

I really hope I was able to help you <3





How to Embrace Your Acne

You may think when you try products to treat acne when you wake up it'll all go away, it's not that easy... Acne has many different sources of what may cause them. You may feel 'ugly' or feel like you dont fit in. At that point, your making your acne worse. The mind is powerful my fellow and telling yourself it'll never go away or that it'll just get worse will eventually cause it to get worse. I'm experiencing acne at this moment and I'd just want it to leave within the snap of a finger... but what if you didn't have acne? Would you be able to relate with anyone? Would you be able to experience some of those opportunities that you have?

My acne is bad, I mean small pimples EVERYWHERE on the face bad. They're bright especially when heat comes in contact with them and it sucks. I used to scrub my face with lemons and baking soda everyday not knowing I was only making my acne worse. I stayed away from crowds and cried my eyes out in my room because I couldn't stand to see the image I saw when I came in contact with random car windows or public bathroom mirrors when I was out.

But I found a way to stop sulking about and how to embrace my beauty of acne. It can never make you less of a person sweetheart.

Pay attention to the features you love most on your face. Adore yourself and encourage yourself. Remain positive and happy. Show respect to any and everybody no matter what. Because being the raw beautiful person that you are reduces the visibility of the persons you interact with... they may not realize your acne was even there! 

I've experienced while out, random people and friends asking me every single day...

"Omg what's wrong with your face?"
"How is your face so rashy?"
"Do you have tomain poisoning??"

And at that point I swear I just want to lose it and yell at them, but dont...
You just have to count mentally to 3, breath deeply in and out, give them an intelligent smile and respond in the most polite way you can. 

If you know people who're in the same position or worse than you, interact with them and get to know how they feel.  Who knows? Mabey in most aspects of acne conversations you share, you both may relate!

Acne doesn't change who you are. And if people judge you for something you cant control they are fools. They may just not know the price of being real and not using all sorts of makeup masks to cover up your true self...

Always remember, your flaws are what makes you into the BEAUTIFUL person you are. They can't break you, they can only make you stronger <3




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