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Will It Work? (Accutane)

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Acne Scars are fun

Hi everyone, I hate acne scars...A LOT. I'm actually a couple years removed from the severe acne I suffered for so many years (I think it was 3?) and my face looks really good sometimes (keyword being 'sometimes'), but many of the scars the acne left with are still there. I have this annoying array of dark spots and scars around both cheek areas on my face, and unfortunately the few breakouts have are allowing them to remain there. I've concluded that I must rid of ALL my acne (e.g. small breakouts mostly) and then go on my way to finally curing this utmost horrific issue. My face should be as smooth as a baby's a$$ by now, and for that reason I'm a bit discouraged in regards to the curability of these scars. Will they go away? Wtf else do I need to do to help myself without having to buy a full-fledged acne medicine? Does anyone happen to use a medication just to reduce scarring and/or even out your skin tone? Let me know please! I'm clueless at this point, and currently jobless I might add. Yes, that's right, jobless. But I know one thing: acne scars will need to be put to rest sometime soon (read: < 1 year). That is all...