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1 month Off

Hey. I've been off epuris for a month now. I've noticed scars noticeably going away, which is great. I'm still getting a few cystic acne spots though. is this normal? Maybe I should talk to my doctor about this. They're not full on breakouts, but just one by one rather. My healing factor is much better for sure. Everything doesn't seem so dry anymore. I imagine I'll start feeling more comfortable as time goes on. 


So i'm done. I went to the doctor. They said i'm done. it's been six months since i started this, I went through a lot. This was a super hard process honestly. I felt down about myself a lot. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. But I also still had a blast. I still met people. i had two girlfriends that regardless of what i looked like/was going through, were there for me. I still played shows and wrote and did art like i still will. I think it just goes to show how much power the mind has and

6 months

So, I've basically finished 6 months. I stopped taking accutane for a week in costa rica, but it stays in your system regardless. i have seen improvement, but only improvement of what happened the past 6 months, which was breaking out....All in all, for my back acne, i'm glad i took it, but for my facial acne, it was not a good idea. Honestly, I'll be trying to mend the damage that accutane did to my face unfortunately. But even my back still has scarring. I'll probably update after I go to my d

5 Months 3 week (?)

So, I'm actually starting to see improvement....which is nice, like I'm for the first time in a couple months actually optimistic. My back is clearing up, scars as well I think? Will have to wait a few more months to see what I can do about those. My chest is still breaking out in some spots, but my sunburn makes it look better (?). Face is not bad, but I have some pitted scars that get me really really sad, I really want to do something about those. The scarring in general i'm really sad about,

5 months 1 1/2 Weeks

Hey, so I was in costa rica having a blast so I couldn't get to this, but i'm almost done the journey. It's almost half way into my last month - maybe. I'm still breaking out! Like, i cannot believe it. Is this normal? Shouldn't I be done breaking out in the slightest? Also, I noticed something. I was with a girl and she was rubbing my chest and the next day I had a severe breakout on my chest, like everywhere she rubbed was basically breaking out. What is that a symptom of? is this something ep

Finished 5 Months

Alright. I've finished 5 months. Still breaking out. Getting somewhat clearer? Not sure honestly. Like really not sure. I'm not getting too many breakouts on my forehead anymore, but there's signnificant damage that i hope once i'm off this will sort itself out. if not, i'll look into alternative methods. I treat my skin naturally a lot and know certain tricks to, hopefully, help. Also, I'm going to costa rica on thursday so I'm taking a break from this for a week, i guess we'll see what happens

4 months - Week 4

Update. Not too much of a difference. i think my back is clearing up. Chest is still breaking out. Face is still breaking out, causing pock scars. Again I'm quite fed up at this point. Getting really really dry at the bottom of my nose again. Almost done 5 months on this stuff, pretty crazy. Coming up the last month. 

4 months - 3 Weeks

Hey. Finished 4 months and almost 3 weeks. So, almost 5 months. Crazy. And what have I noticed? Things are not better, that's for sure. And I would say the skin on my face has gotten worse, and maybe my back has gotten better but I can't tell with the scarring. This is sad. I'm sad about this. this is not what i wanted whatsoever. if you compare my blog posts from the beginning to now, you'll see I was really optimistic, and usually people's optimism goes up during their course, mine is the oppo

4 Months- Mid 2nd Week

K, So i'm like flaking away skin on my face. Kind of strange. Man I want this to enddddddd. like dudesss it has been 4 months and two weeks....what the heck. Just wondering if this is a good or bad sign that my skin is flaking on my face. BTW i never really had a problem with my face until epuris, really. Oh! And i'm getting rashes on my wrists and stuff. Dunno! Let me know dudes! I'm so ready to be done

4 months - 2 Weeks

Alright. It's been 4 months and 2 weeks (ish). My back I think is getting better? Hard to tell honestly because of the scarring, which makes me really sad, like really really sad. Face will still have maybe a pimple a day, and I've noticed if I just leave the pimple it stays and hardens and doesn't leave, like ever. It's almost like popping it is better because then it will leave because at the moment it just becomes a permenant cyst. I have a few of these on my neck face and forehead now. I'll

4 Months- One Week

Alright, I've finished 4 months and one week on Epuris. No change. not sure what else to really write about honestly. Just seems like my skin has gotten worse. Like it's super sensitive and looks so tired and worn out. Thing is, I take care of my body so well, sometimes maybe I eat out a little too often but nothing that impending to my health. i am getting less breakouts on my forehead, I guess, but back is still breaking out, chest is still breaking out, and dryness though has gone down a bit,

Finished 4 Months

Alright. I've now finished 4 months. Actually when I first started accutane I was hoping that I'd be done in 4 months, but I am honestly no where near that at all. Constant breaking out. At least one new pimple on my forehead a day, like, one will go away and it's almost immediate that another one pops up, it's so strange. My back is breaking out at the moment a lot. My chest is definitely better than it was months ago, but still scarred. What else do I notice? I don't know. Technically I have 2

Month 3 Week 4

Well, almost done 4 months. I'm definitely not where I thought I would be with this accutane, and that is super discouraging. I don't think I've ever been this upset over my skin. I'm obsessed with how it looks, like never before. Now I'm worried about other things this accutane might do and very self-conscious. I'm always wearing sweaters or shirts that cover most of my neck, back, and arms. I try to avoid mirrors so that I actually don't even have to look at my body acne. My face has a new pim

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Month 3 - Week 3 Doctor's Appt. Update

Hey. I went to the doctor and she checked out the acne on my back. I'm pretty sad. Looks like a lot of what is left are hypertrophic scars on my back  and I'm still breaking out like EVERYDAY on my face. I have a new pimple on my forehead literally everyday. I don't get it. When does this stop, my skin has only gotten worse, it has barely gotten better. This is the most frustrated I have been. I only feel like i'm damaging my skin here rather than healing it. When I look at videos of people who

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Month 3 - Week 3

Hey. I'm past the halfway point, which is exciting, because hopefully i will be seeing improvement rather than the opposite. So i'm noticing a lot of flaking I guess, like most of my cysts are now becoming scabbed over more than anything. Does this mean epuris is working? I'm honestly worried that epuris isn't going to work, can anyone tell me anything more? Also, it's hard to tell whether i have acne scars or if their still pimples. I'm definitely worried that epuris will leave me with worse sk

Month 3 - Week 2

Hey! 2018 now! The year i finally beat acne, hopefully. I'm really not seeing any improvement so far. Still dry lips, red face, ya know the usual. i'm still breaking out and I guess I have seen a little improvement on my chest, but that's it. Nothing has improved drastically at all, maybe it will as this month comes to a close. Here's to hoping for the best!   

Month 3 - Week 1

Hey. Christmas time! I've been drinking a little too much, so will need to cut back on that because of the effect on the liver. Other than that. Haven't really seen too much improvement. Like, maybe the tiniest amount, but i really can't tell. Breakouts are frequent. Skin is dry. Muscles are sometimes achy. Mood will definitely swing. Confidence is low. Also, face is often red. Honestly, this is pretty confusing. I thought this was supposed to be making things better but I can say I haven't seen

Start of Month 4!

Alright. Month 4 is on its way. Honestly, I'm feeling incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. Like, I just want to leave my body. Red marks are persistent but I was prescribed some stuff for active acne which is helping with red marks on my face. The texture of my skin feels so thin and tight too. In terms of clearing up, like, I don't notice that big of a difference. It's just worse than it's been, at least on my face and chest. My back, is maybe clearing up? I can't really tell because i can

Month 2 - Mid Week 5

Hey. So I went for a checkup today. Blood tests are fine, which i was worried about due to some fun nights drinking. Great. But i'm honestly having the worst breakouts on my forehead I've ever had. Literally the one thing that I was worried about happening on Epuris is happening. And it sucks. But whatever, I'm sticking through it and taking it as a learning experience. Writing always helps. Also if I exert my personality and confidence with a breakout on my forehead then honestly when it finall

Month 2 - Week 5

Hey it's been 2 months and 5 weeks, not yet 3 months though. I definitely am noticing how my complexion on my face is getting very stubborn due to my healing factor being so low. I've definitely seen my face breakout a lot more since going on Epuris, which was my biggest fear in taking it, and it's quite annoying. I'm definitely feeling self conscious about it. I still go out, have fun, go to work, and play in my bands, and see girls, but it's just incredibly crushing to just not see an improvem

Month 2 - Week 4

It has been 2 months and 3 weeks. Because I was titling them wrong I for some reason thought it had been 3 months, but it hasn't. This sort of puts me a little at ease because I heard people were starting to notice much bigger changes by the 3rd month, whereas I'm still having breakouts. Though, more of what's prominent is the red marks that are staying after the breakouts. I'm able to minimize breakouts with good skin care, but red marks are the real problem. I'm noticing my back is much cleare

Month 2 - Week 3

Hey. Breakouts are becoming mild. Skin routine is becoming better. Notice a bit of clearing on my back. Face still breaking out. Chest still breaking out. Not clearing up as fast as I hoped. No obscene side effects. Mostly nodular pimples. 

Month 2 Week 2

Hey! In the second week of month 3. I think I'm probably having the worst breakouts I've had so far on epuris. My back seems to be getting mildly better (?), my chest is still pretty bad, and my face is breaking out like never before, which is to say the least dissipointing. I'm definitely noticing a self-consciousness as I'm afraid to look at people in the eyes when I'm talking to them because then I might catch them looking at my blemishes. My roomate keeps mentioning that I need to "drink mor

Start of Month 3!

Hey! A little later on this as i was on vacation, but I'm now on to month 3 of my epuris journey. What I'm noticing is a thinning of my skin, immunity system is low, breakouts in spots where i've never broken out and getting better in spots where I always broke out. My face, which never usually was a problem, has become the most problematic, as it's not as easy to cover as well, and my chest has been very problematic as well. I'm not seeing as much improvement as I would have hoped by the end of

Month 1 - Week 4

Hey, Month 2 Week 4! What have I noticed? Hmmm, k so definitely getting breakouts in places I have literally never gotten them before - my cheeks and my chest. I don't really understand that at all because what epuris is supposed to do is purge, then why would it purge breakouts that I would have never gotten in my life? Anyway, that's just frustrating. My chest is breaking out pretty bad and like I have had this one under the skin cyst that WILL NOT go away, and it's starting to hurt. Lips are
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