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the first impression

I am a foreigner. I try to use it since two days ago. the same three things suggested by my website diagnosed.  but those things do not fit like what i thought and what i watched in the website.First, the cleaner. it is uneasy to make it thick even i use two pumps. Second, the treatment. according to the instructions i need to increase the amount of it. but my face is too big(i am a male). i have to use three times amount of treatment in the first week so that I can cover my face thoroughly. (normally,for the first they say use a pea size amount only once a day )    and for the moisturizer, i still need more.
  there is nothing happened after i use it so far. the only different is some time i can feel like some itch spot in my face in the daytime.(i normally wash my face when I get up or go to the bed. )
  I  literally follow all the the instructions from the website video. I will keep use it and i hope my skin will get better