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About this blog

So I thought I would document my progress on a blog instead of just updating my forum post of "42 and wanting to try accutane" all the time.  My story is on there, but a quick recap - I'm now 43, I have suffered with acne of some degree or another since I was 16/17. The only time I had good skin was when I was pregnant and the first few years after my babies (who are now 15 and 16). I guess you would say I have mild but very persistent acne, on my chin, jawline, neckline, back, shoulders, bum, and just about anywhere!

I have now had 7 days of Isotretinoin and I feel good. Dry lips, and my face is dry, but that was expected. I feel new breakouts deep in the skin on my chin, it itches and feels like i am going to have a huge breakout there, so will keep you posted on that.


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Course Finished!

So it's been a week since I have taken my last tablet. My dryness is starting to subside, and I think my eyes are feeling a little less teary/dry.  

I still have some spots on my bum/underneath, which I'm not happy with, and I have one on the back of my left shoulder, but that doesn't seem to have erupted to the usual standard which is good.  I know the medication will stay in my system for another few weeks so I do hope that it all goes away and leaves me alone forever.  If not, I will be back to let you know!!

Now to move on to those pesky wrinkles!!

Love and peace xx






2018 - is this the year to be spot free?

Happy New Year!

I started my isotretinoin journey on September 6th 2017. I was nervous after reading all the horror stories. But I thought, if it gets too bad, I will stop. And after enduring bad skin, spots, cysts and boils for the last 25 years, I didn't think there was side effect that I wouldn't manage.

I was right. My side effects have been minimal, some dry skin on my face (which is fine with a daily moisturiser and nightly smothering of aqueous cream; a little tiredness (but that could be my age); a little stiffness during and after exercise; a little bloody mucus when blowing my nose, but that is intermittent; my eyes are dry and wet at the same time(weird I know), and that is pretty much it! My mood has been fine, no headaches, or any other side effects to note. 

My skin is much softer and smoother, the blotches and tiny pimples I had on my face are gone. I still have some some redness to my cheeks, but I can live with that. I still have breakouts on my back (and other places) These tend to be on average about 1cm across and very painful. They last for weeks and weeks and weeks. I have redness/purpleness from older ones, but they have flattened out. On my last visit to the Derm, she said I will probably have an extra month at 60mgs, rather than increasing the dose at the moment. My next visit is 16th Jan, so we'll see what she says then. 

I am looking forward to my skin clearing and getting a bit of sun to help with the scarring. Wrinkles are next to target!!

Love and peace everyone! 




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11 weeks on Isotrtinoin

Hi everyone,

I'm off to the Derm this afternoon for my next prescription. I'm hoping to increase my dose again as the painful cysts on my back are still appearing, and seem to take an age to heal. I confess my boyfriend is popping them, but only when they are ready as they are so painful and it's like they need to be released, does that make sense? I have some coming on my bum too, which is just great .

Good points, side effects are still pretty minimal - dry lips, face is a little dry but nothing that my moisturiser can't handle. I am tired, and I find going out for a run so much of an effort. My skin is still smooth and soft and I still can't believe how many years I went thinking that I would never have that. 

I have been invited to a wedding at the end of Feb, and I am wondering if my back will be healed enough to wear something a bit slinky, I have always had to cover up for parties and things, but maybe this time.......... 

anyhow, fingers crossed for the increased dose - I'll update in a while - 

Love to all xx
A couple of pics for you............




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month 3 started

Hello world!
So not much to update, but it's still an improving picture. The large ones I had on my back seem to be healing and even though I am still having the odd one or two, its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. The skin on my face is still looking good, and I have people commenting on it. (which is really nice to hear).

Side effects are still very manageable. I'm pretty happy!

Next visit to the derm is at the end of November.

stay happy!





back break out

I have been on the higher dose of 60mgs for a week. My back has well and truly had a break out. I have around 18 large and painful cysts/boils. They really hurt and my bra also irritates them. . I don't think I could go to work with out one on.... not very professional!  But I know they will clear and the shit that is in my skin has to come out. The texture of my skin is still super soft and smooth, despite the boils. I have a couple on my neck too, so hair is worn down and scarves are a great accessory!  I still have some eczema on my hands, but hey ho... I can cope. 

All in all I am pleased with the progress.





increasing dose

So, my dermatologist has increased the dose to 60mgs. We shall see how I get on!...............

take care all x




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6 and half weeks in - isotretinoin - over 40's

Hi guys, I am now 6 and half weeks into my journey. So far, my face is still clear and so much smoother. My rosacea is definitely so much better. I have breakouts on my body, mainly large cysts/boils, but the overall texture of my skin is a lot smoother than it was. there are still some under skin white bumps that need to come out, mainly on my chin

My face is not that dry anymore, I use Boots Time Delay moisturiser with spf 30 every morning and that seems to be all I need. Nothing at night. My lips are dry, but still not bad, and my eyes are usually feeling sore tired and picky, but I guess I can live with that.

I'm still on 40mgs a day, but I hope to up it when I see the derm next  (on 24th) as my side effects are ok. I would love the boils to go do one!!  

anyway that's all for now. If there are any changes I'll let you know!

Take care xx




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first month done

Hi guys. So I'm back to the derm tomorrow for my second prescription. I have been quite surprised about how my body has reacted with the side effects. Lips are obvs dry and will no doubt continue to be so, but they are not cracking or peeling. The dryness on my face is very manageable and I generally moisturise morning and night and occasionally once or twice in the day. I have had no initial break out, but I have had spots and cysts. I have a couple on the top of my thighs and on my hips, a few on my back, but today, I have none on my face! There is still an under skin lump that came and is dissipating, and I still have stuff in blocked pores under the surface, but the overall look of my skin is loads better. Even the rosacea seems to be coming under control. My daughter said this morning that it looks like I just have a rosy glow!  One thing I noticed this morning that I am really pleased with, is that the skin under my chin and on my neck is usually very rough, like sandpaper. I went to put on my moisturiser this morning and was like, what the?? OMG!!  it's smooth!!  Not completely like satin, but it its smooth!!!    I was soooooo happy!!

I'll update again soon - Have fun peeps! xx






3 weeks in

so three weeks ago today I took my first dose. My side effects have been ok, nothing too drastic. The worst has been my eyes, picking and burning and having to put drops in every thirty mins for a few days, but that has calmed down. They are a bit gunky in the morning and I still use the drops a little, but it's much better.

I'm still getting the odd spot, but the smaller ones come and go in a matter of days. The large on on my chin seems to be subsiding, but it's still a lump under my skin.  No IB as of yet, but it's still early days.

Aside from the dryness on my face, I think the texture of my skin is improving. It looks more normal and not like there is stuff coming out of every pore. 

All in all, it's a case of so far so good!

Love Life peeps, it's the only one we have! xx






ok, so we are on day 18 I think. The last few days my eyes have been really picky and sore. They are also a bit puffy and bloodshot. I am using drops on an hourly basis if not more, and trying not to wear eye makeup but I have to for work and going out as I look like death otherwise.  I am hoping it will settle down. and actually, yesterday and today so far is a little better than the last few days.

As far as the skin dryness goes, its much the same on my face only, and of course my lips. No cracks or peeling on my lips yet. 

I am going through a rather stressful time with my cat, so i'm feeling down, but I know that's the situation and not the medication. Yoko is 20 and a half, and all last week stopped eating and drinking and barely moved. I made the appointment in the vets, as I didn't want her to suffer, and she decided to fight a little longer! She started eating again on thursday and is as bright as a button (well a very old one). Vet was cancelled and we are now making the most of the time we have left with her. It was the hardest thing ever, making that appointment. I just hope that when she is ready, she just falls asleep. xx 




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Day 13

ok - so nearly 2 weeks at 40mg of isotretinoin. not much to report really. Still have dry skin on my hairline, temples, around my nose and on my chin, but its not too bad. Lips are dry, but not overly so. I have picky eyes at the moment, and a couple of tiny styes on the lower lash line, they are a bit irritating, but not horrible. I do get a streak of blood when I blow my nose, but nothing to write home about.

Yesterday i thought i was starting to break out, had a few small spots on my right cheek, and a larger one on my left, but they seem to have flattened overnight. I do have a 1cm round cyst/spot on the left side of my chin, Its not red yet, but itchy and a bit sore. We'll see if that decides to become a volcano or if it quietly melts away....  

The skin on my back is rough again, like there is stuff coming out of the pores. 

That's it really....  Sorry I haven't done any pictures with the make up yet, I'll try and do it soon.





day 10 on isotretinoin

Day 10 - wow... things are going well on 40mgs a day.  My dryness seems to have settled and is mostly on my chin area with a little around my nose and at my temples. Lips are dry, but not overly so, no splitting or cracking. My face is red and is deffo sun sensitive!

The skin on my back is still bumpy, but smooth, not rough like it was before. It feels much better. Still no breakout, but I am not getting complacent as it will happen at some point I am sure.

I went to our local pharmacy on Thursday. They have a small make up counter selling, Lancome, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden. They also have a range of La Roche-Posay and Vichy products. I explained to the assistant that the medication that I was on was going to purge and dry out my skin and make it red (it was very red on Thursday!)  and that whilst I was happy enough to go bare faced most of the time, I would like to have a foundation that I could wear without feeling that I had a mud mask on and that was good to my skin. We had a good chat and she suggested the Vichy Dermablend (£20) and the Lancome Miracle Teint (£41). She colour matched me and gave me some samples to take away and try. 



Wow!  Never have I felt that good about my skin!  Last night (Friday) I tried the Lancome, and OMG. It was amazing. My skin looked fresh and clean. It felt like fresh air!  I will try it again this week as I only had it on for a few hours, but it was amazing.

Today, I have put the Vichy Dermablend on, and again, It is fab, my skin looks great (apart from the dry patches) My skin does feel a little itchy, but that is happening when I am bare faced anyway. I am so happy with both of these products so far.

I'll get some pictures over the weekend and post them next week. 

I would certainly recommend anyone wondering what to use, to go and ask for some samples of these to give it a go.

Have a great weekend everyone!





day 8

morning peeps!  Not a lot to report today. I don't seem to be as dry, but still dry and flaky.  I am super tired today, but that would be due a bout of heartburn overnight and being awake since 3am. .

Still itching in the pores of my chin and waiting for the breakout, but none as yet.

I'll post again when there is something to update!






day 7

So day 7 - the first week is done!

Facial skin is dry and flaky, but manageable. Head is itchy, but that due to the dryness.  I have a simple Aqueous cream that I am using at the moment and that seems to be ok. I have tube in work and a big tub at home. I put it on 5-6 times a day at the moment.

I have the feeling that my chin is going to break out something really bad. Its itching deep inside and I can feel the spots/cysts forming. I hope they are not as bad as they feel, but will let you know.

I am a little tired, but we are so busy in work (and have been for months) I have been tired all summer! Could really do with a holiday (but with staying out of the sun!)

I was a bit grouchy when I got home from work last night (I almost never get grouchy), there were a number of factors and my daughter said it was the tablets, whether it was or whether it was just a coincidence, I don't know.

I think I am a little achy too, I usually run on a wednesday, I'll still go, but take it easy.

Other than that, things are pretty good!

I'm happy to answer any questions, and I'll update when I can.




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