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forehead acne

i'm 14 and i've had acne for at least 7 months now, at first it was a mixture of pimples on my cheeks, chin, forehead etc but it was very light acne - more of teenage breakouts but for the past 7 or so months i've had acne specifically on my forehead, which i think is cystic acne? 

i've tried so many things and read up about it so much - i've tried different skin care like tea tree and so forth but unfortunately it just dried my skin out so much to the point it was crispy which was really gross and i've tried going off dairy too.

currently i drink at least 3 litres of water a day and have started eating a really healthy diet which salads everyday and lots of fruit and protein as i read my acne could be due to high fats.

my acne hasn't got any better and honestly i'm really frustrated as it's been like this for so long and it brings down my confidence so much!

i know the photo really is horrible but if you could recommend anything or if you've had the same and got rid of it i would appreciate it so much if you could help me, thanks!




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