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Differin OTC

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Differin Day 14

Eh. No change in acne at all. For every pimple that's faded away a new one has popped up. I stopped getting red, dry skin from the differin a few days ago though. I have pictures if every day from week one and from today, and there's no telling that they're before and after pictures. Not much of a blog post, but didn't want to abandon the blog yet. 




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Day 4 Differin (I think?)

Today was the first day I really noticed anything particularly different about my skin after starting differin, and that is that it was very dry and flaky. I don't think the face wash that I use was a good match with that, because the sides of my chin were pretty angry after I got out of the shower. I took some anti-inflammatory meds, put lots of moisturizer on (it stung!) and iced it for a little bit. It looks like it is calming down now, still feels a little tight if I move my face (i.e. like





Differin Day 1

I'm 32 years old, and have had moderate, yet unrelenting acne since I was 11 years old. Early on I was prescribed antibiotic topicals only to be discouraged because not only did they not do anything to help my acne, but because I then knew that even a professional couldn't help.  My parents bought me proactive, various BP and salicylic acid products. None helped. Oh, and worse, my parents assumed it was because I wasn't using them. I distinctly remember feeling so horrible that the products an




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