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Acne hurts me real bad

Hi everyone It has been a while I hadn't posted. While I was away, I still suffer from acne. Big cysts. Two to three new acne on ny face every week which will definetly leave scars as soon as they appear. I also have mild depression or is it severve? As I keep thinking about my acne 80% in a day. My head hurts sometimes. I sufferred from it because I am scared. Terrified that one day my face will become worst. I really need supports and hugs and compliments that could soothe my mind. No one seems to understand my circumstances and it hard for me to explain how uncomfortable I am right now. Anyway, cheers to everyone who suffers acne the same as me.





1 year and somewhat 1 or 2 months of differin

Hi readers

I guess this is my 1 year and 2 months on differin. My situation right now is 70% better. The rest is uncontrol acne that would keep coming. I start to think that this is the most I could get from differin and benzac. I still have pastule, papule and cyst 2 - 3 in each week. Eventhough, I apply benzac all over my face at noght and spot benzac on the cyst itself, it does no effect or little effect to the cyst. My dermatologist recommend me to change to retin-a. Has anyone ever switch from differin to retin-a? Is it better with people who have problem with cyst? I have no idea how my skin got clogged and it forms a cyst every single week. Should I consider using something else to help the cyst? Please share your experince so I can end my cystic ance.







this is probably one of the worst moments in my life. I got many cysts up on my face. I am scared. It is the return of my nightmare again. I can't even look myself in the mirror. I hate my scars, my redness. Acne keeps coming up without reasons. I am totally depressed. I want to cry out loud and claim that I want to sjrremder myself to acne. I have been fighting it for many many years. It has never been better. I have spent hundred thousand baht to clear myself but it never work. All dermatologists remedies didn't help me. It hurt me so bad. I am hurt. I want it to stop coming up. Why does it keeps poping on my face and always comes with redness. I haven't done anything bad to my face or did I? I have been using the same product for a year now. T T . Sorry for this unhelpful entry, but I need to let it out. I can't keep this anymore. 




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What week is this?

Hi everyone

It has been a while that I haven't updated my new entry. So, my acne is still coming up on left cheek close to my mouth and two big cyst on my forehead. One in the centre and another one on my right. Before this there were 3 cyst on my forehead and a fews on my both left and right cheeks. All of them left red scars on my face. It makes me feel unhappy. I am losing my confidence. I don't know how does it come up or what causes it. I did apply benzac overnight and on the spot but lately it works less than excellent. Acne does not subsize as fast as it should. It begin to get red and dry then it comes up and left scar. It takes almost 2 or 3 weeks for me to elimiate a cyst. Very curious what happens. 





Differin week 27

Hi everyone

I am on differin for 27 weeks now. What a ride for me. Still, acne shows up and cause me anxiety. I believe it is all about the hormones because I have chnage my routine to minimize the acne risk. I wash my pillows every week. I eat healthy food such as grain and almond milk. I sleep before 11 pm. Almost every day. I find a hobby to keep me stay away from stress and over thinking. I also do vbeam and smooth beam laser but help little with scars. I think I am going to use differin for the rest of my life for the best of prevention from acne although, it did. Ot perform 100% clear face. I also use benzac 2.5% and 5%. For 5%, I apply it before washing my face and 2.5% is for overnight as my skin uses to 2.5% with no irritation. So the combination of differin and benzac performs great for me but I wish they could do better in preventing acne. Sometime, I apply a dot of benzac on my little cyst for a hope of eliminating it overnight but recently it took 2 weeks to completly eliminate it. The cyst hurt me and create red mark which I hate so much. I wash my face and still feel the bump of it. I wish it could just disappear. By the way, I am 23 going up to 24 next year. So I guess I have late teen acne. It is suck to have it. I try to avoid looking myself in the mirror. It has been many months I look away from myself. Lucky me that I have short eye sight so whenever I look myself in the mirror, I only see my blurry face. It feel like my skin is better when not lookinh throught my glasses and that grow my confidence. How long does it take to completly steer clear from acne? I would ask myself for every night. I even pray for myself to wake up without finding new acne on my face. I don't want to feel the bumps on my face. So this is probably just my online diary now. I feel better when writing things out. You should try it if you bad about yourself. Hope everyone who read till the end stay safe from acne. Wish you all the best





Differin week 20

Hi guys

this is around my 20th week of using differin and around 10 weeks of using benzac. For the past 2 weeks, I had almost clear face. I mean no major acne outbreak. This week I have 3 cysts. BIG CYSTS. I hate them so much. I have no idea how they come up on my face. It is so annoying. I was happy and now I am panic. Wondering if there is going to be more tomorrow. I can't tolerate the feeling of cleaning my face and it hurts so bad. For a while, I have hope and it was vanished by cysts that I can't find the root of it. I hope benzac take care of them as soon as possible. I want to be happy again. Happiness without panic and nightmare. 





Differin week 10 to 12

Hey readers

This is my late update for week 10 to 12. So here they are...
Week 10: acne still coming up. Probably 5 to 10 in 1 week. Benzac did help a lot with minimizing the pain and size. I wanna cryyyyyy.

Week 11: thing get much better but still ocassionally, 2 to 5 cysts appear. Benzac is the hero for this situation as I guess so far, since I have been using benzac, acen slightly become less servere. Thx benzac

Week 12: so thsi is it. 3 months of using differin and 4 weeks of using benzac. Now I should rate the overall outcome...

Acne: around 50% less acne prone than week 1 to 4. Week 4 to week 8 was the worst of all. I could just bury my face and disappear. I would give 7 out of 10 as there is still acne coming and with help of benzac. So that means differin didn't do much when using alone.

Skin texture: I would give 7 out of 10 as my skin feel smoother than before.

Severity of acne: reduce almost 60%. Before I start differin, I could get a big cyst and come with redness and whiteheand and pain altogether amd it could stay for 1 month at least. Now, I feel that acne becomes smaller with less redness and small whitehead. I would give 8 out of 10.

Acne frequency: for week 1 to 8, acne popped up everywhere everyday. I just have to wake up and check my skin if there is any new bump and there were many. For week 9 to 10, things got better but yet sastify. Week 11 to week 12, acne comes and goes with less frequency than before (2 to 5 cysts a week). I would give 6 out of 10. 

Acne scar: differin does help with this and vbeam as well as smooth beam laser help them too. From week 8 to 12, I mainly relied on differin as laser is quite expensive. I would give 7 for laser and 6 for differin about scar.

Overall: I would give 7 out of 10. I thx differin And benzac but I have high hope for this but until week 12, it didn't meet my expectation that much. I will still using these two for another 12 weeks and will keep update as the 2nd tier of differin journey.






Interuppted by acne


This is an additional post before week 10. I just want to add more that with just a few days that I felt better, I am now feel a whole lot worse since 4 to 5 new acne appear on my left cheek. My skin feels bumpy. Another 3 to 4 in my right cheek. I feel bad and worried. It was a tragedy for me. I feel down, scared that it going to get bad. I want to get away from them. Ist't there a faster way to get rid of these things permanently? It is killing me right now. I think my mind is going back to the same situation in week 5 to week 8 which is hell for me. I just want to cry and sit in my room forever. It is painful for me to see me like this but I have no help but differin and benzac. I wish acne could just go away like a fever overnight. Sobbing...





Differin week9

Hey everyone!!

This is my update for week 9 of using differin. So my basic process is since week 8 is benzac 5% for 20 minutes and wash off before using facial wash. Then, apply differin and after it with benzac 2.5% overnight. In the morning, I apply benzac 5% for 20 minutes just the same in the evening before washing my face and apply cm lotion and sunscreen. Overall, acne seems to become less severe. What is on my face is being accerelated and push out faster than before. I think benzac has done it jobs really well. However, I still have 1 cyst on left cheek and another painful one on my right cheek. The one that is on my forehead is still there but less pain. I would give this week 7 out of 10 because acne is still coming up. It is like a nightmare to me. I would pray for a better tomorrow and I wish that I can wake up without worrying that there will be another acne coming up or not. Scars are everywhere o my both cheeks. I want them to fade away so I can bring back my confidence.

Thank you for reading. Will update week 10 next week.





DIfferin week8

Hi everyone!

So this is my week 8 of using differin. Last week was a mess. Still, this week is a mess. I have 2 whiteheads on right cheek and one on left cheek. This week I also apply benzac 5% for 20 minutes and wash out before washing my face with cleaser in both morning and evening. Acne reacted to benzac quite well but it leaves dry skin. I will keep using benzac but lower the time to 15 mins. My major problem for this week is scars which appear all over my face. Both left and right cheek got almost 50 red spots.my forehead have atleast 10 red spots. So I can assume that it looks ugly. I try not to look in the mirror and fortunately I have short eye sight so thag saves me when I am home wearing no glasses. My acne situation as I said, wasn't really good but better than last week. Week 7 I would give 5 out of 10 but for this week I would givr 6. I am feeling a little better bht still feel unsecure about the acne that could flame up at any time without reason.

I think this is all for week 8. Hope my acne situation get better after this. Thank you for reading. 





Differin journey

Hi everyone

This is my first blog for exprrssing my suffer from long term acne. I have been suffering from acne since high school. Now I am 23 years old, still have severe acne all over my face. I have all kind of acnes: white head, blacl head...

I fisrt started out to see dermatologist. It heal fast but costly.I had a perfect skin when I was using their skin's products and treatment but when I stopped, everything just came back. Things get really bad when I was 22 and 23. I would describe these situation as a mild depression: I cried as I felt that there is no way out to get my skin clear. I had to stayed home and do nothing because I was to afraid to get out and enjoyed life. I became an anti social person and I am still.

Everytime I wash my face, I can feel the bumpiness of my skin. It hurt really bad. I feel depressed that I cried over and over agin because of my facial skin. I have no confidence in my life when facing someone. There is no help that really understands me. Therefore, I am here to share my life and hope that there is someone out here to cheer me up.

Anyway, I am also here to share abput differin journey week by week.

As I have been using differin for 7 weeks going up to 8 in a few days, I will give a brief feeling after using it for week 1 to week 7.

Week1: things already get bad before starting. I have around 30 red spots on my face and around 10 - 20 severe acne that come with either white head or infammatory acne that hurt me really bad. Differin did nothing much but this is just the beginning so I wasn't expecting anything from the first few weeks.

Week2: acne was still coming up with new and old acne. Differin starts to smooth some areas which has no acne. 

Week3: I can see small pimple under my skin when I looked at my face under the light. I knew that it was going to be really bad in tge next week.

Week4: I guessed that this was when initial breakout looked like. Everything popped up. It hurt and this was when i started to cried. Sobbing in my bed. Wish there could be a better tomorrow.

Week5: most of the IB were gone but there were still some big acne on both of my left and right cheek. Hurt and come with scarring. I should mentioned here that these acne appeared for a month and never disappeared.

Week6: thing was going well. Differin did it job but still old acne existed and red spots were eveywhere. 

Week7: things got worst as new acne existed and left red spots on ma face which probably almost all areas on my both left and right cheeks and my forehead had  2 big inflammable acne.

I am going up to week 8 and hope things should get better. I wish I could get rid of red spots but it looks like impossible since new acne still coming up. I hate myself right now and feel sorry for myself. I did everything that could help me from the inside but there is no progress: zinc, bedtime, drinking water, hygiene...it did nothing at all.

If there anyone out here suffering the same issue like I am, please feel free to discuss and cheer each other up. I am happy to talk and exchange experince. 

Will update week8 soon...

Thank you for reading my long suffering blog.