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My mom don't let me see dermatologist and she doesn't seems its a big problem, for me, it is.

My moms always said that “ you guys are lucky because I understands your feelings. “ But I will never believe that because she don’t, and never understands my feelings about my acne. About last year, I was a 7th graders, my hair cover up my forehead and unfortunately, I got a lot of acne and since I know nothing about it ,( because I didn’t any knowledge about acne ) I keep popping it and touching my acne. Later that summer, my acne got worst ( only the forehead ) and my dad suggests that I should see a dermatologist and my mom agree, it took them about 5 months or half a year to take me to go see her ( which is February 2017, summer is August 2016 ). At that time, my acne still on my forehead. ( not on chin and cheek, I do got blackheads on nose ) Then finally the day come. I ask her many questions about preventing acne which seems like forever, what to eat and what to avoid etc, my mom feels like I am “ bothering her “ (Jesus, that’s what a dermatologist should do, mom ) too much, she pull me back and the doctor start to write medicine for me ( she did check my whole face , again, I didn’t have any more acne in face accept for forehead. ). I have Klenzit - C cream  for acne treatment. Few months later acne start to approaching my cheeks. Which is about March or April. I start to feel WORST about it and whenever I got acne when I woke up, I feel it is the end of the world. Even though there is rarely to have whitehead acne ( because I got blind acne all the time ) it start to grow everywhere on my cheeks. I see Klenzit - C cream as my angel because it help me save my acne overnight. ( about 5 dollars or so) Whenever I eat something that may cause acne, I use klenzit c immediately. Day to day klenzit C started to run out. I ask my mom to buy it but she won’t agree, she said “ the doctor only allows you to use it in 2 weeks “ ( I use it for 2 months ) “ you have to start to use ZA cream [ azelaic acid ] “ I won’t agree because it took days to clear out acne. When Klenzit C start to run out, I cut it in half and squeeze to get every single drop that it have left. I have cut it in half and use it, the next morning my acne got worst. I mean seriously. I’m a teenager, and I have a diet and acne-free-face plan in the same time.  ( 49kg, 1m59 ) I don’t have my own money, so I have to use ZA cream. My acne got worst now. After I ate a white bread about 2 weeks ago, that night my face are really itchy and red ( seems like allergic ) and it continue, I don’t know why because I ate bread for the past years and I’m not getting any allergic. So I doing some research online and ask my mom about it, she said “ it maybe be hidden acne or allergic.”, and the internet said “ gluten face” or some kind of having redness on face. And I still don’t know what kind of face I have. It happen at night or at evening, some part on my cheek got red and really itchy, I could see some hidden acne, or that may be some kind of red dots. Then till now, June, I have hidden acne all over my cheeks. I talk to my mom about going to the dermatologist again because I can’t take it anymore. I try this several of time at April and May, but she won’t agree. I see this is a really serious problem, it’s like my health and other important stuff and my mom be like “ your face is perfect for the puberty time” and I was being sarcasm. I said to her “ if you are sick, you go see the doctor, I got acne and I want to see dermatologist ( I learn this online )” She be like “ I don’t want to talk about this anymore. “ Acne is a serious problem for me, my friends, middle popular have a super acne free face, my face is like scars on nose ( blackheads ), acne scars, and hidden acne, red, too. When people are looking at me I turn my face all the way away, I don’t want any body to see my acne face. Even my crush, I think I’m acting like a weirdo, right ? I think I’m being rude, but that’s the only option I have. I go online, search for everything. And the problem is I have no money, my mom doesn't allow me to buy that It said “ I have to be stress-free.”, but I can’t, my family is an Asians one. I have a “ test your happiness “ online and mine is 55/100. Surprise ? I talk about acne all days, and talk about acne to my mom whenever I see her. She be like “ STOP BEING SO WORRY ABOUT YOUR FACE, I’M SICK OF IT.” and one more “ BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FREE THAT YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR ACNE ALL DAY AND HELP US NOTHING.” I know this is rude, but I have to say “ Oh shut up, you understands nothing.” I really want to see a dermatologist now, but she s aids it is really expensive and waste of money ( about 1 million VND, ~ $50.00 ), and I don’t have money, I really want to go, what should I do to convince her to let me? After all those deny, will she let me to see the dermatologist again ?
Maybe your mom sometime said " your skin is perfectly fine with the puberty age." 

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